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Spitfire - Give Me 20

Okay I swear, this will be the last Spitfire vector for now ^^;

svg Download: [link]

Taken From S3 E7 - "Wonderbolt Academy"

Spitfire (C) Hasbro
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Twenty what? Death Blossoms?  Okay!

*too many "Die! Die! Die!"s are heard*
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“I put in an order to the Princesses to send me a cart-load of badflanks and battle-hungry fighting machines. Instead all I got was you: a bunch cupcake-choking clowns and a side order of fail-nuggets. I can tell at a glance that at least half of you are imbeciles, and the other half are imbeciles who've never been told to believe in themselves! I'm going to shove my hoof so far and fast up your flanks it'll trigger an earthquake!


You all reek of poverty and incompetence. Every breath you take is a stunning endorsement against inbreeding. You manure-stains are a collective masterpiece of failure. You cloud-goblins square-dance each other to exhaustion every night. You signed up to pound monsters like Applewood action heroes, but probably cried like sissies when you realized they can murder or eat you horribly before you can even swing your hoof! Your sensitive eyeballs cry so many tears you could float away on a river of timber-wolf canoes! You glitter-hoofed, chicken-wrangling, Breezie-tinkle, fat-puffing sock-puppets are gonna get your collective flanks kicked so hard, you'll think you are getting whopped by Tirek himself!


I will reorganize the failure that is all of your lives. I will BUCK START your souls. I'll make you mango-loving, rock-chomping lightning-rods scream harder than your mothers after her fourth time scorching her hooves at the oven. I'm going to chop off your shrivelled wings, put them where your eyes should be, put a bowler hat on your head and beat you like a punching bag! Tartarus, I'll make you soil yourself so many times you'll give farmers down below a booming fertilizer business!

But fear NOT! Because in a few years, I will turn you monarchs of fools into masters of world domination!”


--- Spitfire, commander of the Wonderbolts and drill-sergeant of the cadets, to a new group of recruits. 

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[Her firey speech got awkward when she realized that some of the recruits WERE, in fact, Changelings and Griffons that she mentioned "pounding".]
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Spitfire: "Darn political correctness..."
goldorakx69's avatar
yeah give her 20 bits of you get fired
BlitzBoltGaming's avatar
Oh...I love that face :D so freakin good!
SilverWing27's avatar
OW MY EARS! 20 what? 20 bits? Here, just don't yell in my ear again. Jeez!
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Mi teacher in my school :p
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"CADET DASH!!! If you don't stop moving at the position of attention, and stop saluting with your left hoof, I WILL HAVE YOU IN THE FRONT LEANING REST POSITION UNTIL YOUR WINGS FALL OFF!!!"
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sure thing spitfire
lolz101lol's avatar
NOW GET OUT THERE AND GIMME 1,0000000000000000000 FLIGHTS!
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When I look at this...
It make me remember the MAD saying...
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This looks really great! Thanks for sharing! :)
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*Hands 20 Bits* Here! Take it! Just stop yelling!
OfficialSpitfireMLP's avatar
Five me twenty wing-ups
KGB-101's avatar
*Does it in 30 secoends* DONE!
KGB-101's avatar
... That's a new record...
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