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Kranx Abyssal Archangel



This is the Kranx Abyssal Archangel, fallen angels loyal to the Legion of the Black Star. These angels were once powerful seraphs corrupted by the dark influence of Revalokai during the Great War. Once their former lives had passed on, they saw this dark influence awakened when revived as Kranx. the Abyssal Archangel's role in the Legion of the Black Star is to act as the punishment force towards insubordinates throughout the army. Victims are usually struck down by their dual claymore swords, but an Archangel possesses a handful of dark-based attacks along with light-based attacks from their former lives. Along with their two swords, Archangels use their four wings as melee weapons as well. One of their signature light-element moves corrupted by darkness is Doomed Judgment. This move is initiated when one crosses its swords and curls its wings around itself. Using its body as the energy source, it will proceed to fire either a projectile or a powerful ray of light capable of devastating a wide area. One of their signature dark-element attacks is called Negative Soul. This attack is initiated when one drops their claymores and lunges at the target. Impaling the victim with its sharp, clawed fingers, it then pumps darkness into the victim. This then proceeds to drain the victim of morale and willpower...
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