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Whether you're a cartoonist or animator, chances are you know the name Chuck Jones.  He created such immortal characters as Wile E. Coyote, The Road Runner, Pepe lePew, and others and while he didn't invent Bugs, or Daffy, he's certainly responsible for the way we know him and honestly much of what may often be recognized as the 'Warner Brothers style'.

While he is gone, not only does his legendary work live on but so does much of his personality, dreams, and goals through various things but most notably The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

It's an amazing organization dedicated to fostering the creativity in children (and adults) in a society with ever decreasing appreciation for it.

I'm currently working on a 9 piece trading card art series drawn, inked, and painted by hand. Doing mostly digital art my adult life, this has given me a great opportunity to re-learn and makes these pieces somewhat unique.  I've decided to auction them once completed and give all proceeds to the center.

I definitely recommend anyone donate or if in that area, volunteer.
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