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Kill Bart - Volume1


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PLEASE FULL VEIW it makes it look better n_n

ah...i loves me some parody. lol n_n mkay well i first got the idea of this earlier today whilst watching my old "Springfield Murder Mysteries" tape(ive been neglecting the simpsons for a while ;_; ), which has one of my fave episodes on it, "Cape Feare" which feature one of my fave characters, Sideshowbob (c'mon everyone loves him secretly).

so i thought why not combine 2 of my most loved loves? The Simpsons and Kill Bill....GENIUS!!! a perfect parody. Sideshow bob seeking revenge on the one who screwed up his life, that being, Bart Simpson. TIS PERFECT XD (bah im good)

so this was the end product of 3+ hours of work, and i can truely say that im damn proud of this :D

Drawing, base colour - openCanvas 3.05
Text, shading, bobs reflection, siggy - Photoshop 7

Sideshow Bob [c] Matt Groening (a true genius)
Kill Bill [c] Quentin Tarrantino (another true genius)

Just wanna say thanks for all the people who have viewed, commented and faved this piece. Im glad people love this as much as i do. Thanks everyone n_n
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Jackie Chan and a Sideshow Bob cross over. Interesting