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Harry Potter

Character  Harry potter
Thank you so much !

Of course :

You could follow me on instagram / twitter / facebook for more adventures ^^

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Omg its Harry Potter!! This is amazing artwork! ^^❤️❤️ im a fan of the series xD

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i drew again harry potter with a good question ^^

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Oh okay, I'll have to check it :3

Magically Awesome

Your welcome 🙏
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He is forever Harry Potter.

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He asked a couple of years ago to be an aged HP if they do another movie in the future ;)

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Harry Potter is cool. I'm not so sure about its author though...

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Like you : JKR is really "strange" and got a lot of weird messages about LGBTQ community

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Thank you Miss ;)

It tooks me a couple of month for this digital drawing / painting cos i was't confident with how it should look... Something it's a matter of time and choice : there it's only a bag full of luck and some spells^^

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Have you changed your name ??

beautiful paint , well done :clap:

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No : i just "erase" my facebook nickname

DariaelectrA is the name / the trademark that i used since 2008 and here since i got this account

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ah , yes understand .

can I ask you why DariaelectrA ? ( them are two female names )

I apologize in advance if this is an inappropriate question

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You can and it's a long replie ^^

In 2008 i met a woman on myspace (the famous "before FB")

She is a french artist (cool and good one) named Maud Querol Ferrer

Her father was a famous artist and her mother his muse / his collabotor

I named the duo Daria Electra like Daria meet Dario Argento meet Metropolis

She was "Electra" and i was "Daria"

Daria Electra "the electric city" was born

She made video / short clip / voices and i made music / design / photomanipulation

I was a programmer a couple of years (2005/2006) - (i got a degree but now it's useless cos everything evolves so much)

Studied at school many things including digital (vectorial) and digital drawing.

(I got a degree too)

In 2010 i asked her to continue alone cos i need to make something more industrial and it was DariaelectrA

In 2013 i started with photomanipulation

In 2014 i learned to draw with a friend, studied painting (but i hate how i can't keep my cold) and digital painting.

Since 2014 i'm learning how to use digital and create with. Dots became an addiction.

Lines too.

I made my own filters.

I searched on site with free stuff brushes. Learned skills and technics. Bought stuff but choosed to share pieces even if it sucks.. and it sucks a lot sometimes

And this year i learned some new stuff (youtube is my friend) and tried / try new things ^^

My next project is to recorded the whole DariaelectrA's stuff and reupload it cos i shutdown the whole in 2016

That's all

So DariaelectrA is me ^^

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wow , recent years full of commitments , congratulations my friend ( I never did a school of drawing or painting or digital painting ............... I am a lazy idiot :D ) .

thank you for your kind explanation

But now ( after read your write ) a question arises spontaneously ( sorry ) : do you like Dario Argento ? in which way you know he ?

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Yes i like his work : Suspiria was one of my fav' scary movies

Inferno : when i was a child i made a weird dream and when i was student i watched it on tv (i didn't know the plot) and i was like "omg ! it's like my dream"

So i watched a lot of his movies.

For my bf and me he is one of the directors. His world is "rich", cult and so dark

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oh yes , understand

I don t like , maybe his first movies was " intriguings" ............. but don t make me scared ( if a movie like them don t make you scared ............ )

I like just " Profondo Rosso" and " Phenomena" but for the sound track only .

Sorry ;)

Only two movies make me scared :

"the Ring" ( original version - Japan- ) and "the lady in black " .

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I should rewatch "profondo rosso" and "phenomena"

The real The Ring was great !

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