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Since the group is going to be closed from January 15th to February 28th I have decided to push up the MYO Raffle sale and make it a little intriguing to allow more chances for those who do not own or would like another fox.

On December 26th at 12:00 PM EST, there will be an UNLIMITED MYO SALE journal open for 10 minutes ONLY. I wanted to give you guys a heads up that way you have time to adjust. There will be a clock on the front page to help you see how much time you have. Please tell your friends so everyone has a chance to obtain one. FTOs are welcome.

I will be making two sections for people to comment claim their MYO slot and one for asking questions. Please read below for the rules for the event. I will post a new journal once the countdown date arrives. One new thing that will be added is the Very Rare MYO Slots to be purchased only at this time.


  • All Scarfox Rules apply. Please if you’re new read them and remember where to submit your MYO for approval. Avoid posting MYO design on discord until after approval.

  • Please make sure to read the MYO rules carefully located here: MYO Rule Guidelines

  • One MYO Slot per person. Account must be at least 3 months old and you may not claim for a friend.

  • Once you have decided on a rarity you cannot change your choice as this might cause a problem.

  • Please respond to the comment with “Claim” and I will send you a note with the provided form.

  • Please be patient to receive your invoice, I do not want to send out multiple or doubled invoices on accident.

  • Potions will ONLY be available to those who claimed a slot this time around as this might cause some problems.

  • You only have 10 minutes to make a claim comment, if a comment is made after 10 minutes the comment will be hidden.

  • Once you make a comment you cannot back down from the purchase.

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for your MYO to be posted to the masterlist.

  • Please DO NOT send a Note to me directly. I will send you a note with the form that you need to fill out and send back. After I have read the note I will send out the invoices little by little.


Common MYO slot - $75 Uncommon MYO slot - $100 Rare MYO slot - $150 (New) VERY RARE MYO SLOT - $250


Uncommon Potion - $15

Rare Potion - $35 Very Rare Potion - $75

Please remember that potions only give you ONE TRAIT of said rarity.

I will be doing a raffle sale for ONE Mystic Potion and ONE Hollow Potion.

Mystic Potion - $100

Hollow Potion - $100

They will be posted in a where you may respond to get a chance at a potion.

You guys are welcome to ask questions below for more information.

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ChopperScotchStudios's avatar
If we claim a myo, how long are we allowed to sit on the invoice?? I definately have the money for a common myo, but I won't have immediate access to that money, due to poor transfer times from my savings account to my checking. It usually takes up to 3 business days from the time I transfer the money to the time it shows up in my account. If need be, I can provide usernames of admins of smaller species on instagram that can vouch that I do, in fact pay for art as soon as I get the appropriate funds, if I tell them I will pay.
D4RCI's avatar

All invoices will be sent out today and must be paid within 24 hr

ToxicRam's avatar

Will we be able to buy more Than one potion?

0hKlahoma's avatar

How long will the raffle sale be open for?

D4RCI's avatar

It says on the journal 10 minutes once the new journal is posted

AzenBluelight's avatar

So when I claim a myo and you send the form do I fill in the form the possible potions I want with the myo?

D4RCI's avatar
LYNX3000's avatar

Will the myo sale be on this journal or a brand new one?

D4RCI's avatar

brand new one, i mentioned that in this journal

LYNX3000's avatar

oh i didnt see that anywhere, ty!

Vanilladove03's avatar

if i get a rare myo, can i also use uncommon and common? are there like a limit with traits?

D4RCI's avatar

yes, as long as your traits don't exceed 4 we are good

WildKolo's avatar

How many potions can we buy? Is it one per person or can I go absolutely ham with it? XD

D4RCI's avatar

There is no limit on potions only MYO

Lonley-solar-Eclipse's avatar

I'm wanting to get a MYO, but I don't think i'll have Wifi to comment to get it, would it be fine if my partner got it for me?

D4RCI's avatar

No unfortunately the rules states that no one else but you can claim. I mean you will have 10 minutes to be able to do one comment

Fluffy-Spuds's avatar

as a fto, would we be able to discuss a payment plan after the claim?

D4RCI's avatar

Unfortunately there is no payment plan available for myo slots unless it is mentioned.

CCShu's avatar

How does the max of 4 apply to sub categories? i.e. if I get a rare slot, am I able to use 4 rare traits and 1 uncommon trait?

D4RCI's avatar

No, You Will only be able to use 3 rare and 1 uncommon totaling up to 4 traits

DracoDravige's avatar
What kind of traits can you get from a Very Rare? Cause I've seen Hollow and Mystic traits split off from that category (example:…) And I wanted to know whether it counts as a Very Rare Trait or not.

Also how many traits can you choose? Limited number or unlimited?
D4RCI's avatar

mystic and hollow traits are completely different from very rare so a very rare slot only allows you to do obtain any of the rarities up to very rare.

Max of 4 like the rules state if you want to add more you gotta get potions

DracoDravige's avatar
Alright thank you!
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