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Something is brewing, I finally found appropriate incentive to create my own graphic novel. It is not easy to make it all alone, script, storyboard, photo, 3D ... luckily the story is not mine but of a great Italian writer, so it's good! Two friends as models and now in the "poliarmoids" gallery you will find all of studies I'm doing for the creation of this graphic novel done with photos. Any advice would be appreciated! so stay tuned

Poly study by D4N13l3
Poliarmoid Gallery
Someones have asked me to do a tutorial, it's a great idea, but I think it's not simple thing...
I'm not sure with what image do the tutorial, generally I proceed very instinctively and will be arduous organize layers to make it understandable.
However do you have any suggestions on which image use?
maybe you know if there is a tutorial for a tutorial? ;-)
I had to add the watermark on images because unfortunately I realized that they were made of unauthorized ....
but I also noticed with happiness that there are some beautiful site dedicated to to my illustration :-)
Thanks to all those who support me!
Is finally online my new site!
will find the illustrations published above From and others still: -) thanks for the visits!