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A-4B Blank

A-X Buccaneer USN tester

Mirage F-1-M53 with attack suite

Mirage F-1-M53

F-102 Fang blank


T-2C Blank

T-45 blank

Hawk TMk1

P-47 Jet vectored

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Vf-1b Svf-103

VF-1A Kakazaki

79Sqn RAAF

CT-4 snowbirds

P-47 Jet 2 Big and Too Heavy

P-47 Jet RDAF

P-47 Evil eye Fleagle

P-47 Jet Expected Goosel

P-47 Jet Fran

Vf-1a Svf-114

Chilean Texans


Galaxy Saga (applibot) Orbital sniper

Assault troop

HK G56

Special Forces


Solar Patrol

Night Walker


VF-1D+ Virgin Road

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My Bio
Self taught and always learning.

I use a combo of Inkscape for the lineart and Paint.net for the colour. I love anything to do with aviation and have a 120 hours logged on various general aviation types :)



Ever read the last thing you wrote somewhere years ago and it turns out you were wrong? I did, I wasn't and now I am struggling to return after having lost everything. Perhaps I will do more than lurk.

I'm back baby

I'm back baby

Hi guys! After having my pc die on me I have managed to recover my art work! I am on the wife's laptop for now (or should I say foreseeable future) but I have all my stuff back! Woohoo! Stay tuned for more developments!

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

So my pc died a horrible death... So now I have to get my stuff on to an external drive

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F16CrewChiefHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the watch!
Really nice work with the profiles,and,using,free software to do the job,who needs to spend a bankroll,when,you know how to work up  nice looking art. :juggle:

Cool profiles!


Thanks for watching!!
thanks for the watch :) (Smile)

neuer-geistProfessional Digital Artist
thanks for the watch :)
thanks for the watch