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For Depthcore's 34th Pack 'IDIO' : [link]

'Very often, we find ourselves stuck in a bad situation. With a wavering determination, you feel like giving up. It is at such times, that you need to energize yourself with inspirational thoughts.

It is time to break through the barriers that have held you back and held you down for such a long time. It is time to reach out and indelibly etch your place in history. Confront any situation head on.'

Stock from : [link]

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This is AWESOME as fuck !
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Hi, I am a representative for Fine Bros LLC. and I am going to have to kindly ask you to delete your deviant art account, you can't just React™ on deviant-art (or any other website) without my written consent. If you don't delete this account I will pursue legal action and have to bring this matter to court.

Thank you,

Benny Fine.
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Nahhhhh. I'm asking you kindly to fuck right off.
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Much much goodness here.
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain how you get that molten effect where the cracks glow and what not...that is AMAZING.
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Great work, impactant concept !
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Great work :typerhappy: I featured it here--> [link]
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This Deviation was Featured Here :)
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i love it! good work!
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Amazing! Can we have a tutorial up or something? Would be great. :)
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Let me get a drink, so I can splutter over my monitor at how awesome this is!


Ah! refreshing!

An artwork? I do say, I'd rather like to look at it! hmm...


Oh no my monitor is covered in beverage! nooooo
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Your work have been featured in my blog [link]
Please take a look to see all the other fantastic artists that were features along with you.
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VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey i really like this one, i would like to aks you if i can use this image as a show case on my new theme im designing for themeforest, of caurse all credits to you, and also when the theme will be downloaded your image will not be included as part of it! so it is just for show casing! please let me know!?!?! this will make nice impression!
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Pretty cool. And nicely executed.
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how did you do that
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amazing creator !
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This honestly was my favorite piece on the whole depthcore site....i love the depth this has and the feeling of movement with the space surrounding the model...its craazy!

very nice work on this one!
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