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The Royal Chest
Six weeks ago my best friend Liam and I had been sent on a quest, by the king himself, for a simple chest. We had traveled all over Ireland and finally found it had been buried at the mouth of a cave in the north.
So here we stood on our last day with nothing still.
"Liam, how are we going to do this? There are only twelve hours left before the dead line."
"Calm down, Clara, we have time." He smiled at me. It was that grateful and content smile. Oh, why did he have to do that? It only irritated me more and he knew that.
I groaned, "Still", throwing my canister on the ground.
At the same time, we turned our heads slowly, as if in slow motion. Neither of us spoke as he dug out the chest.
It was a beautiful solid oak with Irish carvings covering the walls. Several charms and symbols surrounded the center in a gold outline. A lock sealing it from damage and a person's wandering eyes. , but that wasn't what made me gasp. No, it was the royal crest in the center, the king's crest.
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Lonely Ghost
His name is Austin Caldwell. He was murdered by his jealous cousin, Steven Wise, in 1915.  His cousin was envious that Austin had such a beautiful wife and children. So, when the Strand was being constructed in the little town of Zelienople, Steven killed Austin by slamming a shovel into his head. Falling, Austin rolled down a steep hill, finally stopping dead. He was covered in his blood an now Steven saw what he had done.  Steven buried Austin's body in a wall of stone bricks than ran away full of regret. Unable to forget his sins Steven committed suicide two months later. His death was never proven and his body never found. Only his moans of confusion and the screams of those who see Austin are what let you know that, even alone in the Strand, you are not alone.
  His eyes are sunken in like empty black holes, his body half decomposed. Austin's skin is a sickly gray that covers his whole body. His hair is matted from blood and concrete dust.  His ratty overalls a
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A saving Light
White flashing before my eyes
The burst stunning me to a paralize
Followed by the deep impact of pain
the after shock of terrifying silences
Gut renching screams seeping into my mind
As my head starts to spin
Are we dead?
Is he dead?
Screams and shouts come from the darkness
Help is here but is there anytime left
Pulling my self awake i see the damage
To much surrounding me
The ghosts of terror slithering towards me
A light coming through
A sweet sound forming in my ears
He's alive and talking
His breathing even through all the pain
As the tears fall i see a bright light saving us to live
Through to the next day and days to follow.
       BY: stephanie
:icond3v1l-child:d3v1l-ChIlD 2 8
A Fathers Fake Love
a father should be there for his children
love and hold them forever
he should give them strength
stand beside them for there first date
rock them with there first heart break
this what a father should do but
you have changed the rules
the ways of the fathers
you walked away from your children
liad and pushed us away
you took our strength and through it away
left before our dates
you were our first heart break
you laughed and pushed us
broke us down
shredded our hearts into tiny peices
you stood there as we fell into the abais of depression
now you want us back
think you deserve our love
have a right to be in our lives
you will never have our love cause we don't need it
never see our smiles cause you don't deserve them
never hear our laugh cause you can't make it better
our wounds will heal with out your fake love
the fake love of a father that has no place in our home,minds,heart,life and soul
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My qoutes-written by me-
1) the mountains remember the blood spilt at it's cold floor from the harsh war in the heart that shall never end until black waters of death sieze it
2) northern stars always lead us to our future but the past tries to hold us back on what can't be changed no matter what we wish or know of until the grief cunsumes you
3) as he embraces her in his love and warmth she can feel her heart beat at such a speed that she is frightend of it expanding till there is no room for it to be broken and shattered in to ashes of her past
4) like a stake in her chest she pulled herself out from the fear and hatered of the would and let the light of heaven shine down upon her soul until the blackness was nothing but a old nightmare once opon a time
5) to write love on there arms would bring peace into the darkest shadows of death once again
6) as i sit here screaming in silence you watch in an amusing look until you feel my cry out the endless night to turn to summer time and away from this darkness
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The beggining of a New
Life is the begining of a new but is the same as death
death is the begining of a new
so why do others fear death
it comes to all
if you fear it then you fear life as well
give me reasons to fear what we all have
or reasons to express it
i will express death as i express life
even though death is hard at times
you must believe in the life that came from it
your own life came from anothers death
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The Cuts
the lies cut me deep as knives
the gashes bleed my heart dry
i bandage them yet the blood still flows
the braclets cover what i can not
as i cower in the corner
hiding from all the pain
oh how i wish it would stop
but as i know faries don't exist
i know i will always bleed
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Evergreen Forest
the wind blows secrets in the night
as the wolves howl to the moon
shining bright as it covers the
floor in a ere grey light
the owls hoot though the trees
while the deer grave the high weed
what could this place possibly be
the forest full of evergreens
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invisible girl
everyone sees a girl with a smile
but not the tears she hides
the screams she silenced
the fears she covers
everyone sees a girl that
they don't care to know
and she don't mind because
all she wants to do is hide
hide in the dark
hide away from everyone
an everything that she knows
she never shows her fears
or the dry tears
or the pain in her heart
or the screams she makes in the dead of night
because she knows that nobody will show empathy for a girl they'll never know
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
i'm creative,weird, and very protective of my family and friends. i love animals, writing songs/poetry. I also love living in the country and taking photos of mhome town. I don't care what people think about me because i have a certain veiws on life and i'm very strong feeling toward them.
So hey. I'm looking for a good anime to watch. nothing latly has me hooked on it. I like a mix of action, humor, and romance. If you know any or even just a good website to look for some hit me up, PLEASE. i really need something new. I like them in dubbed to mostly...

ive watched- fruits basket
vamoire knight(cant find in dubbed so only watched a few episodes so far)
rosario+vampire(only season 1 cant find the second though)
and moribito
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