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For a contest at The-Horror-Club…

Never tried making a Freddy but i knew it would be fun and it surely was. The girls face was a challenge, the more i rendered, the less feminine she became whereas Freddy on the other hand the more detail the merrier. Glove was tricky too, even with reference the thing is just inanely designed!!..enjoy and sweet dreams :D

Update: flipped horizontally so the glove is on his right hand.……

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:sing: five, Six, grab your crucifix...
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I notice the crucifix doesn't do sh*t!
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"Sweet permanent nightmares!"
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That is so creepy, but awesomely done! :)
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Now that's cool!
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amazingly done :iconclapplz:
Darklarik's avatar
Wrong hand on the glove
Seven-of-Jacks's avatar
So pretty! I love all the tiny details, like the cross necklace she's holding.
Fenrir-Lupus's avatar
Claws are on left hand...but good work! So jealous! :)
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Freddy is awesome. =)
AndytheLemon's avatar
his face is damn creepy - and you rock at perspective. Loving those claws!
I just saw Nightmare on Elm Street 2010.... It's officially my favourite movie of all time!

This is a fantastic drawing! I really want to see more of your artwork!!!

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You're realy awesome!!
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Real nice. I love how she´s a "beliver" of all things
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1 2 Freddy's coming for you 3 4 better lock your door 5 6 grab your crucifix 7 8 try to stay up late 9 10 never sleep again
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I love how it seems Freddy is about to rip apart the audience.
XGothicxAngelX's avatar
:wow: This is amazing! :clap:
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It's amazing! I love it! Awesome job! :iconclapplz:
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Fricken awesome! I love everything the colors the detail PERFECTO
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This picure is awesome. How long time did it take to do this one?
anamartist's avatar
Um. Mam! Mam! Ummmm... YOu've got some... ummmm... WAKE UPPPP- eh, too late.
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