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silent hill: forest of horror
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reminds me of silent hill

fullview please!
Image size
555x822px 282.88 KB
Canon EOS 30D
Shutter Speed
1/100 second
Focal Length
17 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Aug 25, 2006, 5:38:34 PM
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Mits-Giotix's avatar
It reminds me of Silent Hill and my grandparents' village, too. I bet that the area is really calm and peaceful, right?
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Diesel292|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hear strange sounds in silent hill 2's forest near Toluca lake
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Elgamuza|Hobbyist General Artist
I belong to Silent Hill, it is my real home.
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Insane-ChibiFox|Student Traditional Artist
O.o it looks so creepy...I love it! :D
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ketene|Professional Photographer
:wave: Hi! Posted this in my journal. [link] :)
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InSaNiTiEschild's avatar
thats amazing! where was this taken?
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punkrawk1982|Hobbyist Digital Artist
really great job, not only does it have a kinda creepy feel to it, but it is very beautiful at the same time.
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MemoryGuardianAmber's avatar
MemoryGuardianAmber|Professional Artist
^w^ love it
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smileypro's avatar
smileypro| General Artist
That's magical!
Would you mind if I used it in a photo manipulation on this website [link] ?

I'll of course give you credits and a link to the finished product.
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smileypro| General Artist
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chhill|Hobbyist Writer
Would you mind if I used this photo in a book I am writing? I would most definitely send you a copy of the book along with accrediting you within it. This is something I am doing for my final project in my Liberal Arts English Capstone. This is a perfect picture for what I want, so I would really appreciate it. Thanks and if not thanks anyways, I will be glad as long as you acknowledge this. Take it easy.
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DeadMello's avatar
Ah...what a beautifull place...
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xXxDreamerofDayxXx's avatar
Beautiful capture. I love the Silent Hill games. This shot looks like it's from Silent Hill 2 to me. :)
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TheOracleDragon's avatar
such grand beauty of the forest, entering it will lead you to Silent Hill. I love forest pics. ^_^
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umbreongirl's avatar
Beautiful yet eerie lighting. Lovely shot.
It does remind me of Silent Hill. X3
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x2the-tina| Photographer

I really like your work, especially this piece. I am doing a project for a class and I was wondering if I would be able to use this image. I will be layering it onto a model to make the person seem to be in the photograph. If I am allowed to use this photograph, I will clearly specify your name as the photographer of this image. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

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hikashy|Student Digital Artist
Good pic man!!
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Amazing...simply amazing.
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So creepy...XD seems like a real scene from one of the games.

It reminds me of this weird series of photos someone on Gaia Online once showed me. The kid said he found the camera in the woods, and showed me each picture (there were over 200 in all). Most of them were taken in a forest, which looked fairly normal, if a bit spooky, and others were taken near a forest ranger's watchtower, and a bunch of old ruined houses. In some pictures, there would be shining things that looked like animal eyes, or shadowy shapes in the distance...and in one picture there was a definite shadow of a humanoid figure. In a watchtower photo, there was a mirror above a trap door the photographer went through, and it showed a strange humanoid shape sitting and watching out the tower's balcony. From that picture on, several pictures looked as though they were taken while the person was running. The last picture was one that showed the camera's view of the forest floor and a bunch of rocks, and it was taken at an angle like it was dropped or something.
These days, I still shudder thinking of those photos, and I wonder if they were genuine photos of a haunted forest, or if they were fake. XD Still, I get chills thinking 'what if...?'
So your work here is awesome if it can make me remember the most bizarre and creepy photos I've ever seen! :D
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