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"Um...hi! I'm Princess Luna, but you can call me Lulu for short. Can I tell you a story?"
Thousands of years ago, when the twin sisters were but teenagers, the cruel, wrathful cosmos descended upon the earth. She tortured the inhabitants of Gaia and twisted their forms for her own purposes. The earth, too, suffered under the grasp of the heavens; he possessed great power, but still, he fell under the will of the otherworldly cosmos. Desperate for aid, he sought the protectors of earth for help. They banished the heavenly being and, as punishment for allowing her to take advantage of their people, Gaia was forced to uphold the heavens for five-thousand years. 
The moon was born shortly after the heavens were restored. She came to Atlas during his eternal enslavement and told him stories. As he bore the heavens upon his broad shoulders, he could lean far back with his neck and lick up stars. They were so hot they branded his tongue, so when he leveled his head, he would spit them out before the young moon. He taught her to manipulate the stars, and she drew lines between them, calling them constellations.
As she grew older, Luna departed from Atlas, and their visits grew sparser and sparser until she saw him but in glances. She soon forgot her visits with him as one forgets their earliest memories. 
Discord, however, will always remember.
Celestia's punishments used to be...a lot harsher.
(because he used to eat stars, Discord has a scar on his tongue. In the shape of Twilight's cutie mark, oddly enough.)
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