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Hard Sun

Hard Sun - to come back in DA and Linux.

System is Mageia 2 with KDE 4.8 (no updates to 4.9 yet)

· Plasma Elegance by AdrienV
· System Icons KFaenza by snakebit
· Folder and Driver Icons Aluport and Pry by Jonas Rask (or both, Pry Faenza, as I called it)
· Wp When it Falls by Siebe Warmoeskerken from GAIA 10

photography is from Marcelo Rosenbaum house's.
thanks to ~llewton for the KDE menu icon.

"When I walk beside her
I am the better man
When I look to leave her
I always stagger back again"
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Great stuff man, it looks great. I see you use 3G internet, right? Did it work out of the box with Linux?
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thx kexolino. i'm in love with your avatar =D

3G works fine for me with a Huaweii modem, in all distro i have tested (Fedora, Ubuntu, Mageia, Mint, in Opensuse is necessary to config the modem).
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All glory to the Hypnocat! :XD:
Thx, my operator sells these modems, but they only list Win & OS X support, so I wasn't sure.
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in the box, Huaweii give with a Linux driver. but no need's to install it.
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Try this = [link]. It add missing toolbar icons for dolphin. ;)
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i never pay attention for that yet you commented ;)
thx bro!
AndrejSoroj's avatar
You are welcome =)
cahyadid79's avatar
gr8 setup my friend.

I hope you would share the icon link..
d3kFoX's avatar
sure =)

Pry (folders) = [link]
Aluport (drivers) = [link]
Kfaenza (system) = [link]

I'm modding this pack yet.
so I finished i can upload it to you ;)
cahyadid79's avatar
thank you ~d3kFoX..:)
mmesantos1's avatar
Beautiful setup! :-)
d3kFoX's avatar
thx bro. its good to heard it from you.
mmesantos1's avatar
Your most welcome my friend. :-)
LaGaDesk's avatar
Very nice! And welcome back! :)
d3kFoX's avatar
thanks for the acceptance bro! =)
LaGaDesk's avatar
You're welcome! :)
CraazyT's avatar
Really nice!! what font is that? and welcome back ;)
d3kFoX's avatar
thx bro! =) font is Neutra Text.
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