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Snowbrute MYO

I’m pretty proud of this tbh 

Obtained: Snowbrute 48 Hours Free MYO Event
Design Name: N/A
Traits: Basic
Type: Snowbrute
Rarity: 6 ♢
Double-Faced Hood - Haunted (5) ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢
Shut Eyes - Uncommon (1) ♢
Rest are Common


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Your Snowbrute has been added to the ML and is now official.

{152} MYO - Free MYO event
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Hello! You made it to folder 2! We just need you to fix the "Obtained" section to "Snowbrute 48 Hours Free MYO Event" and they'll be it!

Let me know once you fix em and I'll transfer you to our last third folder! The third folder should be final, meaning your MYO is getting ready to be upload to @GrabukiMasterlist soon!

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Thank you! Transferring you to folder 3!

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Hello! You only have one simple mistake to correct.

- Glowable Eyes is a common trait for Snowbrute

Just remove the Glowable Eye Trait from the description, and you'll be good!

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Fixed! Thank you so much!

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I'll be transferring your submission to the second folder after the 48 Hours for Felix to look over.

Currently we're only going over the first stage during the 48 Hours. Once you pass the first stage, you're safe!

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