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Hong Long de Mi You

This #2 in my F'd Up Disney series, and, if you couldn't tell, it's Mushu. :3 He was sick of being so nice and helpful...ish.

Mad props to Carol for helping this non Chinese-speaking retard come up with the title! :claps: If it were left up to me, this would have been named after a Jay Chou song. >>;

Anyway, the title should mean something like "Alter-Ego of a Dragon." I didn't even come up with that either. D: Again, mad props to Carol. hahah. I suck.
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Amazing details cho~ :3
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I love this picture!!!
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Mushu looks epic here!
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love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 :heart:
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Awesome:D This reminds me of the part where he pretends to be all "High and Mighty" to Mulan. Nice work!:D
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Hahah, yeah, I was kind of thinking back to that scene when I drew it. :3
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wow i like the clauws its so cool !
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Bout time he kicked some arse. XD
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O_O Coooooooool. I love his expression.
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the colors and everything is so nice!
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Thanks. ^^ I'm gonna be editing all the crappy rough edges I forgot to fix soon, I hope. >>;

Thank ya for the fave! :dance:
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:O MUSHU! Oh em gee. He looks AWESOME!
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looks really cool.
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OMG I clearly did not look at this before I posted it. X____X I will be editing the pic, then deleting this all together and posting the new one. Because that works out better to me.

Do not question my logic. <<; >>;
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ha ha, you're funny (:
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