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Straw stars

Some straw stars I have been making
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Jul 9, 2012, 12:03:21 PM
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So cool! I think I'm going to go and try to make one!
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Haha ^^ Good luck :D And you should try it's fun to do!
KathlynNicole's avatar
lol I tried last night...I found it was harder to hold everything in place than I thought...but for the five seconds it held together, it was pretty cool
D29621x's avatar
Haha I had that problem too at first, just keep on trying I'm sure you'll get the hang of it! Good luck!
AlexKillzz's avatar
Those look so awesome! Kind of like roses with a star shape. :D :heart:
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Thank you :D You could make them yourself!
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That'd be fun! Haha I've never made those stars before. :)
xSuicidal-NightmareX's avatar
How do you make them? :D
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It´s quite simple actually and just made out of drinking straws, all you need to do is look up a tutorial on straw stars on google or youtube, any tutorial will do! In most of them they use special straws though but you don´t really need that.

The only thing I did different here is that I used 2 straws instead of one, and I made 6 triangles instead of 5. If you read through the instructions you´ll understand what I mean.

[link] This is the one I used. You can just use one straw instead of putting 2 together like they say on most of the youtube video´s.

If anything is unclear or if you want specific details just ask me I´ll be happy to help you :)

Good luck!
xSuicidal-NightmareX's avatar
Thank you so very much :DD
D29621x's avatar
So sorry the link didn´t work, here it is [link]

I copied the answer from my other straw star picture and it didn´t copy the link, well you have it now :D
xSuicidal-NightmareX's avatar
Haha it's cool :) Thanks :D
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