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Not art yet, but bare with me.

Synopsis: I have a bunch of character concepts (one for each character not revealed yet by WB) that I plan on finishing up, but would like to do it in a manner where everyone else chooses who is revealed next.

Guidelines: Create a list (w/ bullets or not) of every character from my list below, in the order you would like to see them revealed. Lists will be tallied after Saturday, December 11th, 2010 and the order posted for all to see. Only one vote per user, per site (that means if you are on other sites that this is posted, TRMK, MKO, DA, or Twitter, you can vote there as well) and only lists that contain all characters listed will be counted.

Rating: Votes will score like the current AP/ESPN/USA Today poll system for NCAA sports. That means that your first vote will receive 10 points and each vote after will receive one less point, sequentially. Remember, all 10 concepts must be listed for the vote to count.

The List:

    * Baraka/Liu Kang
    * Ermac
    * Goro/Motaro
    * Jade/Reptile
    * Kano
    * Noob Saibot
    * Shang Tsung/Stryker
    * Sheeva
    * Sindel
    * Smoke

Extra Stuff: The doubled up characters will appear in the same piece of work, where one of the two will be having something heinous done to them. General Concepts can be found via my dA page if you want that to influence anything. I hope to crank them out at 1 every other week, however the multi-character stuff will take more time for obvious reasons. Also, I know Reptile has been revealed and is on my list, but I don't like what NRS has done with him, so I want to do my take (the current head I've drawn for him will change!)

and.... GO!
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Results are in!

Total points and (1st place votes) listed next to each

* Ermac 124 (2)
* Jade/Reptile 114 (5)
* Smoke 111 (3)
* Noob 102 (2)
* Goro/Motaro 87 (1)
* Shang Tsung/Stryker 84 (2)
* Baraka/Liu Kang 76 (0)
* Sindel 69 (1)
* Sheeva 60 (0)
* Kano 52 (0)

Artwork to commence shortly!
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*Bad ass illustrations of everyone from the Hideout.
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So, like, Cat pulling a B. Orchid, Ultra Combo.
Ruski as Zangief.
Emp as a German Gimp.
Me, just BA
You, large and in charge.
Tommy Stockley Beady eyed, flappy headed, Canuck.

That what you're going for?
Noob Saibot
Baraka/Liu Kang
Shang Tsung/Stryker
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Lists are fun :P This is mine:

*Baraka/Liu Kang
*Noob Saibot
*Shang Tsung/Stryker

Poor Stryker is going to be the victim, I'm sure :P I bet the Goro/Motaro one will receive the most votes. That, or either Noob or Smoke.