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WOW fun art ))
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thank you, it's exactly what I've been searching for, love you!
wow a rogue art good~~
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GREAT JOB nice design
a magic poison blade
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... adding poison or fixing the blade?
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Gotta love poison... ;)
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That poison... hmmm... it looks so yummy :D

Rogue ftw!!!!
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nicly done with that potion :)
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Fantastic! I love how he's just calmly applying poison with that creepy place in the background.

Nice job! :clap:
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Wouldn't those gems and runes give away rogue's position? :D
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Great work on this one - the detail is fantastic, I essentially like the idea of putting runes on a Rogues clothing
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im a rogue !!! old wow gamer hehe this is ubercool love it!
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I was wondering if there is any way you could make this into a print? I'm willing to buy it (it's a present for my boyfriend) I know you go threw Deviant Art for all that process. But it would be wonderful if you could. It really is an amazing piece of art... please let me know either by here or email --Amanda
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nice i love how you included the T8 shoulders. interesting way of poisoning his blade. but awesome none-the-less
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Not really t8 shoulders is it ?...this was posted may 14'th last year, the wotlk gear wasn't even datamined back then.

Anyway GJ on it. :)
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i have the T8 shoulders, head(best part) and pants.
im working on my other parts, but those are the T8 shoulders. ive seen them, almost everyday (i have other toons, working on a lock) yeah im sure.
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Again, look at when this was posted and read what I wrote.
t8 shoulders weren't even made by blizz when this was made.
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i understand that but look at the rogue T8 shoulders. and look at these. same thing and i know the Rogue t8's because i see them everyday. i HAVE them i know them
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and yeh I've got a rogue myself in the conqueror's terrorblade set.

But still, only part that might look "just a bit" like that set is the right shoulder(our pov.), and that's only because it's got 3 stripes.

Come on. :P
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