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Revuel Arvida

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Revuel Arvida was a Sergeant of the 4th Fellowship of the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion during the latter stages of the Great Crusade and the onset of the Horus Heresy. A member of the Corvidae, he was part of a fleet element of his legion that was dispersed under secret orders by Magnus the Red prior to the Battle of Prospero. Approximately six months later he returned to Prospero under the command of his Fellowship Captain, Menes Kalliston, in an attempt to discover the fate of the other Thousand Sons.

Later during the Horus Heresy Revuel Arvida was transformed in an arcane ritual into Janus, who would go on to become the first Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights.


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Love me some pre-heresy Thousand Sons, Arvida is the man!
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I love this character...But...Realy??? It's him the Supreme Grand Master Janus??:happybounce: 
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it's not THAT simple actually
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Well, I really have to read the following novels of heresy.^^
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Janus before he was Janus. Cool.  :)
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