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Lord Commander Eidolon

By d1sarmon1a
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Eidolon, known as the Exemplar and the Soul-Severed, is the Lord Commander Primus of the Emperor's Children. He leads one of the largest warbands of the Emperor's Children and commands the Wage of Sin. Eidolon served as one of the eleven Lord Commanders of the Emperor's Children Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras. At one time, Lord Commander Eidolon was hailed as the exemplar of all that the Emperor's Children aspired to. He was elevated to Company Captain by the IIIrd Legion's Primarch Fulgrim himself, becoming the first Space Marine to lead an entire company within the Legion.

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bonito dibujo.

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While this is the first critique I've ever written, it is one long overdue.

Your particular style of art is fascinating, in the way you mix sharp and blurred lines to pick out the key details. The Lord Commander's head, shoulder pads and aquila upon the chest for example, are drawn with well defined lines and lighter shades, while the areas around these are softer. Because of that, my immediate reaction is to pick out those clearly defined features, so my first impression is based foremost on those areas of incredible detail. Had there been the same level of intricacy on the entire figure, I may have given you a lower rating, simply because there would be nothing to distinguish the most important parts. I appreciate your ability to set priorities.

I must point out that the clouds in the background, combined with the brightness of the image overall, makes for a very angelic appearance - one I'm sure is intentional. The Adeptus Astartes are, after all, the Emperor's Angels - an aspect captured very successfully with this particular piece of art. As a result, someone who doesn't already know the name could easily mistake the Lord Commander for a loyalist. That's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned, for other members of the Emperor's Children and Astartes in other legions would have made the same mistake. To craft a piece of art with such an impactful message behind it takes both a talented artist and a talented storyteller. Congratulations, you're both.

To say anything negative really forces me to nitpick. All I can really say it that his right shoulder should have a larger rim in order to stay true to the Forgeworld miniature, but it's not an overly crucial aspect anyway. It would have been great to see his Thunder Hammer aswell, but that's just my inner Salamander craving the sight of heavy weaponry.

Overall, a very powerful representation of a very powerful Astartes. It's certainly been a pleasure to review your artwork. Feel free to critique my critique, if you think I could have been more helpful. Ave Dominus Nox!
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ive read worse...
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I'll take that as a compliment, mister Zorn. I also must congratulate you for getting me to use DeviantArt again for the first time in months.
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shit site isnt it?
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I suppose it could be better, yes. Though once you get past the furry ocs its not the worst.
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got the discord link? would save me trashing the forums out of boredom...
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Alright, I'll send a note with it. It'll be nice to have you around again.
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thank you so much for all the kind words, this means a lot. <3
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You're very welcome. ^^
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Somehow, this is exactly how I imagined Eidolon and his resting-bitch-face to be while reading the novels.

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Just looking at his face makes me want to punch him. Well done!
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He looks like a faggot with that hair.
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Amazing work. This is how I imagine Eidolon at his most arrogant.
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Love his arrogant face. Great detail. Great art-work.
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you've captured him perfectly! He is such an arrogant prick!
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atm reading "path of heaven" this guy is in there. 
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This is fantastic. Love it.
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I've never even delved into the world of 40k but this just looks badass. 
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Well, I like the sheer awesomness of the drawing, it transpire all the vanity and all the awesomness of the characters...

I just love it.
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One of my favorite ! Love you Eidolon !<3
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Fantastic work! Really, really good! The facial expression and the level of detail on the armour suit Eidolon perfectly :)
I'd love to see Lord Commander Vespasian in the same style.
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