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Asterion Moloc

By d1sarmon1a
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Asterion Moloc, known as the "Master of the Minotaurs," "Satrap of the Daedelos Krata," "Bringer of Wrath," "The Brazen Warlord" and "Spear of Judgement," is the current Chapter Master of the fearsome and brutal Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter. This paranoid and bloody-handed Astartes commander revels in his dark reputation and his name is a byword for death and mayhem carried out in the name of the benevolent Emperor of Mankind.

Asterion Moloc is a brutal tactician and enjoys the utter destruction of his foes, but has little patience for councils or strategic planning when forced by circumstance to work with other Imperial forces. Instead he chooses to remain aloof, as is his Chapter's nature, often sending his Reclusiarch Ivanus Enkomi as his Chapter's emissary and his personal representative in such matters.

During the conflict known as the Badab War there was no record of Asterion Moloc ever being present for a war council of the Loyalist Astartes Chapters involved in the campaign. The only record of his presence in the war came from pict-footage recovered from battle scans and fearful stories spread by the few Secessionist survivors of the Minotaurs' brutal attacks.



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Basically his view on councils is this
"I really REALLY don't want to interact with mortals or other chapter masters, so ivanus?"
:yes chapter master?:
"You're in charge of going to councils and planning strategy with others, got it?"
:yes my lord:
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Absolutely superb.  a badass paranoid tactician.
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I do love the theory that Moloc has actually died multiple times and he's an engrammatically-enforced personality like the Phoenix Lords.
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This character is great 👍
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I don't think the word  "impressive" or "epic" would be appropriate to describe this sublime representation of the Adeptus Astartes in all its glory! FOR THE EMPEROR!!! Love Love Love 
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Good stuff TF2 Engy icon 
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WOW!!! He looks amazing!
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I love that theory saying that "Asterion Moloc" is an identity used by retired Allarus Custodians leading the Minotaurs.
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Amazing depiction! He's also rumored to be a perpetual.
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no. thats a grey knight. Anval Thawn.

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Might have to brush up on my lore. xD
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