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Jared Leto - Pencil Drawing

By D17rulez
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:star: Find a Time Lapse Video of this drawing here on my YouTube Channel :star:
:damphyr: [link]

:damphyr: Jared Leto...

It's done... :faint:

Me and my friends ~M-i-n-c-a and ~L-a-u-r-a saw 30 seconds to mars live last year.
We were only a couple of meters away from Jared Leto :excited:.
So after this amazing experience Minca asked me to draw another Jared Leto.

This time I've filmed almost the entire work in progress of this drawing. It took me alot of hours to put the video together and it took aloooot of time to upload the dAmn video on youtube. I waited 2 hours for youtube to upload my video, when it was completed I checked the link... BUT THERE WAS NOTHING THERE :noes: only the text: The user has removed the video. So I tried uploading it again *sigh so I waited another 2 hours. AND THERE IT WAS :la:

For more video's see my Youtube channel:

:damphyr: Tools:
Used: 2H, 6B, 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, Tortillion for blending, kneaded eraser
Time: around the 40 hours
Size: A4
Paper: 200 g/m2 paper

:damphyr: Commission for:

:damphyr: Previous WIP's:

:damphyr: My other Jared Leto drawing:

Thanks for looking! :heart:

This drawing is © to Daisy van den Berg
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Date Taken
Sep 9, 2012, 10:53:05 AM
© 2012 - 2020 D17rulez
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this is an amazing piece!
I'm always so impressed about your technique! you're a great rolemodel for me!
anyways, i think the textures are just far beyond incredible!
It looks just like him! all ratios are perfect!
I also really like the way you drew his hair, with the combination of using dark hair and the high lights, with his beard it must have been a really precise job, and you did it very well!
Maybe it's an idea to make something that is really your own, by getting some portrait photos together and put them together in a way that it's expressive, photorealistic(that you already do), and has a little nonrealistic-twist to it, in the way that you draw something superduper realistic, but cant be a photograph or can't be actual reality, because of what's happening in the drawing. By example: add some effects.

Just amazing! cant say anything bad about it!
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This is insanely well done. Again, it looks as realistic as a photograph. You've earned a new watcher. :D
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This is so good! It actually looks like a black and white photograph! omfg 
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OMG !!! SO COOL !! GOOD JOB !! <3 
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Jared!!! I love it, it's so beautiful :happybounce: 
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AMAZING WORK my friend! Keep up the fantastic skills you have. Trust me, you have a gift. And I want you to never, ever stop drawing! :D 
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Agggh, Jared! Amazingly done!
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Whoa, how did you draw the fabric? It looks amazing! :D
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this is not normal anymore O.o
maddytomlinson's avatar
where is reference? =D
BlackBerth's avatar
fantastic! \OoO/
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This drawing is absolutely stunning! I can't believe it's hand drawn it looks so realistic! Nice work :)
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I mentioned your amazing drawing and how Jared Leto himself saw it on this forum [link]
Hope you don't mind ;)
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You're so talented!
Would be amazing if you did a tutorial :)
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Stunning - watched this earlier sent to me via link from Jared Leto 30STM - wish I could draw.
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I watched your video while you were doing this...i was so impressed!keep it up... :)
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The different textures are breathtaking. What an amazing job.
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More than awesome!
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i fall in love of your drawing ^^
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This is just simply breathtaking - such a great job! The life in his eyes and the jacket texture is really superb.
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a great job, I like very much!
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