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Final Fantasy - Cloud Strife

IT'S FINISHED :excited:

:damphyr: Finished piece of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy.

:damphyr: This deviation is entirely done with pencils!

Sorry Cloud that you had to wait so long for your stomach :noes:
well, he finally can eat his food again...:paranoid:

I worked really hard on this drawing. His sweater was a lot of work, but not difficult to draw. Im really proud... and I hope you all like this drawing ^^
Also, I want to thank everybody for the support, it really helps me. Thank you!

Thanks for looking and now Im going back to write again :salute:

:damphyr: Tools:
Used: H, 2H, HB, B, 4B and 8B
Time: 20 hours
200 g/m2 paper

:damphyr: Reference I used:

:damphyr: Work in Progress:
WIP 1: [link]
WIP 2: [link]
WIP 3: [link]
WIP 4: [link]

:damphyr: Video

:damphyr: Other FF drawings:
Cloud: [link]
Cloud & Sephiroth: [link]

:damphyr: Dedications:
I want to dedicate this drawing to two dear friends of mine:
I want to dedicate this to ~Manah-Angel-Eyes cuz she luvs Cloud, lol if you don't believe me check out her gallery.
I want to dedicate this to =Cataclysm-X cuz I promised her that I would draw something for her after our meeting and cuz she is a great friend and a wonderful artist. And yeah she luvs FF too :XD: Srry that it isnt Vincent :eyes: but I know you like Cloud too!

Hope you like it :D
Full view pls

Cloud Strife is © to Square Enix
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Beautiful skills ! ^^
Gweey's avatar
Oh my gosh! I love your art
Cloud is so adorable!
cloudeweplz cloudeweplz Cloud Strife :la: 
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
Amazing!!! Details are Stunning!
Anthro-animals-rule's avatar
Cloud in all of his glory. Even though I would prefer him with a more bright personality, I still love the strong, somewhat silent types that don't show too much emotion. :)
elizaspr's avatar
this is so awesome !!! :O
FullmetalGreed's avatar
How did you manage to get his jacket to look that way? I'm currently drawing Cloud and I can't get that realistic look of the jacket. Do you think it's possible with just 2b, 4b, and 6b charcoal pencils? (I use charcoal based paper too)
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Wow!!! This is so awesome!! XD 
xxXMegaSloth93Xxx's avatar
That is completely fucking awesome nice work
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Wow It's so.... Perfect, Good Job :)
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it's sooooo PERFECT!!!!!! :nuu: O.O!!!!
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james dean cloud!
Huyen-Linh's avatar
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love it pefect friend
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You did an awesome job! I can't stop looking at it. 8O
lisasofie00's avatar
can you draw Vincent, please?
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:iconawwwplz: This is so nicely done! And all in pencils too! Looks exactly like him! :love: :iconawwloveplz:
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Amazing ! Love it !
KurumiAiren's avatar
OMG....this is sooo AWESOME!!!
Nicksta100's avatar
Best Cloud drawing ever
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