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Final Fantasy - Cloud

Full View Please :D

:damphyr: Cloud Strife

omg I finally finished it...his clothes were really killing me :faint: :D I see a couple mistakes but whatever :D I'm so happy ...thanx everybody for the support again..:hug:

:damphyr: Tools:
Used: H, 2H, 2B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 9B a tissue
Time: 16 hours
Size: A4
Paper: 200g/m2 paper

:damphyr: Video's:
Cloud's hair 1 : [link]

Cloud's hair 2 : [link]

Cloud's belt : [link]

Cloud's clothes 1: [link]

Cloud's clothes 2: [link]
( this is the best video for the clothes, here you can see it step by step )

:damphyr: Work in Progress:
WIP 1: [link]
WIP 2: [link]

Hope you like it
FULL VIEW for the details

Cloud Strife is © to Square Enix
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Beautiful work. Cloud looks so real. :-)
enygmatta's avatar
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Mistakes? This is BEAUTIFUL!
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This piece was an inspiration for a tattoo I got, hope the artist thinks it does it justice.
Masai-Senpai's avatar
Dude that looks awesome!
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O_O Amazing!!!Incredible!!
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woow, this is really amazing. You work so long and I can see, why. Clouds hair  an his look are so detailed and I can almost feel what he felt. I really fell in love with that pictue. The only thing is that his left arm...I think it's too dark. But it's still beautiful and...I love it :heart:
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Wow, I can draw but this is amazing, and my fav character of all time, plus the game
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A stunner!  The lighting on the skin and the sweater texture really sets this drawing apart.  Awesome job you did...the proper and correct mix of dark and light, shade and shadow.
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Really Impressed with the clothes, great job!!
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very very times infinity nice...xD
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Um.. I don't know what to say.. I'm speechless..
This is crazy..!!! SO UNBELIEVABLE!! this is wonderful art work!!
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how can you draw like that o.0
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Wow. Just...holy wow.
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That's incredible :)
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:clap: :iconbummy1: :faint: Strikingly Spectacular! :faint: :iconbummy3: :clap:
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unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
cloudedumar's avatar
Your Cloud looks totally real! nice work!
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