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2000 - 2010 Improvement Meme


:damphyr: My Improvement Meme from 2000 - 2010 ...

It took me 5 hours to put this thing together :noes:
Lol @ the Shin Chan drawing :la:

Always wondered how I started?

This is my improvement in art during the past 10 years.
That doesn't mean I didn't draw before that. If I would add EVERY single drawing I've ever made into this meme it would be the biggest file I've ever created! Probably it would kill my computer and burn down my house. You don't wanne know how many drawings I have at home :ninja:

*cough cough*

Well, I hope this meme inspires people to start drawing or get back at drawing or GET THAT F*KING PENCIL AND DRAW TILL THEY DIE..uh I mean FAINT.... srry about that last one.

About the last picture :eyes: ...
I'm making a video about that one. I know I also haven't made the video of Taylor yet, but I have some problems with the video program.

Also, I'm terribly sorry for my inactivity here on DeviantArt AGAIN :stupidme:
It's just that I have my internship now, 5 days a week, 8/9 hours a day and I hardly have time for my drawings.
AND I have some problems with RSI in my hands :( So they must rest a lot.

:damphyr: If you want to make the same meme, you can find a template here:

made by *Kamaniki

I hope everybody is doing ok.
Thanks for looking! :heart:
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Sardonic01's avatar
You're cute, how old and where do you live? :P....
actually, also, if I havn't mentioned already, your work is INSANE! *bows down.
azizART23's avatar
Oh god..... La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
MissisSmith's avatar
you're really inspiring!
SonofZion-JLM's avatar
Awesome! I think it's great to be able to look back on your old work and see your improvement.
Keep up the great work.
PhoebeFay's avatar
Even though this isn't my style, I think yours showed some of the most clear improvement. It's amazing, bu some looking more like changing styles than actual improvement. I'm a beginner to everything, so hopefully I can have a meme like this someday
Eternal--Art's avatar
Wow! Thank you so much for inspiring me! :D
ArtsyVal's avatar
Wow. This is really inspiring!! I'm 17 and my drawings are inbetween years 20006 and 2007
so if I keep practicing hopefully I'll be as good as you some day!
an-chan123's avatar
your improvement is absolutely amazing. you draw so smoothly and realistically!!! :O
spelonberry's avatar
I think 2007 was your best year.
Evanesme's avatar
passion00 said anything, what I want say.
I'm 12, so my art aren't so good. When I see drawings like yours, I'm very sad and depressed. But this help and motivated me for work and excercises! Thank you! :heart:

Sorry for my English.
passion00's avatar
Just saw what you wrote... nice to see that others feel the same. Thank you!
Evanesme's avatar
passion00's avatar
T.T Thank you so much! I'm really depressed when I see people who draw so amazing like you, but I have to look at them, cause they are so amazing and I looked at this and then I read the text there where you say, that we never should give up and I cried out of some unknown reason, cause I was so happy, cause it motivated me so much and I thank you, cause I just want to be better than I am now and I just feel that I can make it, when I work on it... You are amazing, I see how much you improved and I'm nothing compared to you, but I'm still happy, cause I know now, that I can do it too. Thank you again!
xSandra97's avatar
great ;D You improved so much ;D
AuliaWijaya's avatar
This one really inspire me :heart:
Harlequin-Werewolf's avatar
Probably the most inspiring improvement meme EVER, thanks. :)
image-inator's avatar
This is awe-inspiring. your drawings look like photographs. It's your shading. I could never do that. Its soo gorgeous!!
asdfLoser's avatar
and then suddenly... you were amazing!
HTRe's avatar
wow, i started to draw with 13 or 14, now i'm 15 LOL I improved a lot, you now made me want to improve more and more, and pass my days training until i be satisfied with my draws (never gonna happen) thanks! i love to try new materials, now i'm using just pencils trying to find my stile, i'm going to buy in my 16 birthday charcoal pencils XD even if the dar didn't stay good, i'm going to try again and again, you gave me inspiration *-*
Mighta63's avatar
you are amazing person ^^
i want to be like you
BlackMaster23's avatar
what did u do in college/university?
KarolBarros's avatar
You give me hope for my art. ² wow
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