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May 8, 2005
In the future, there will be robots! Hail our overlor-- err, uh, heh, I mean, this sure is a neat look into the future by ~d0rn! urz-t is one heck of a render with a bot so stylish you could practically eat off of it. (I’ve always wanted to eat off a robot! *crosses fingers* Maybe it’s a feature!)
Featured by halfliquid
Suggested by equilibrium3e
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A new bot… hope you all like it…
I think he looks casual. But what is he looking at…..?^^
Wll I think he would look good as print…

I was away for a while and I did a lot of models… so it might be that I will submit some pics with the announcement that the first 10 or 15 guys who give my pics a fav will get the model and the textures and so on… that’s just a way I want to thank those people who are active watching and supporting me^^.
I don’t know if I will start with this one…

Time to render ~ about 2h and 30 min
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These 2 look a lot similar...
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i do like it/ super cool
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Looks stunning! Good use of color and reflection!:D
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very flash dude
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what program did you use? :D
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Lol I tried to re make this with sketchbook.... mobile version. I failed
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I love it! Great bot!
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Great one! very cool!
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Du schaffst es wirklich, in gleichzeitig imposant und niedlich aussehen zu lassen.
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great works. i like this style..
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this guy is seriously cool :)
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:handshake: I featured this amazing picture in this [link] news article.
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thanks a bunch
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this rocks hard, very well done ! :D
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Awesome robot. I love the colours in this piece.
Very hot detail on it..*faves.
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so detailed! Awesome.
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That is just beyond awesome! I like the pose of the robot.Modelling is perfect and the metallic textures are really great, they are the only thing which brings the life inside this robot. Well done.
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Hello, I'm writing to let you know that this art was featured here: [link] . I hope you don't mind :)
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Very nice, the head reminds me of DOG, from half life 2.
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