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..Welcome To Heaven.. by d00bie ..Welcome To Heaven.. by d00bie
Hmm. I really didn't know where to put this, so if you guys know where it really should be, let me know, k? ;)

Anywhoo. I used this background that I made agessss ago, for an Angel Sanctuary wallpaper that just plained sucked ass. Considering I like the background so much I had to find a way to re-use it. :) It doesn't make a lot of sense.. I mean, I doubt Heaven really has a big stone wall type thing behind it's gates.. but like, ya never know.. Lol.

The metal plaque, screws and the entire background was composed and created in Photoshop 7.0 by moi. :D The stock photos, textures and brushes used whilst being created are © to their respective owners.

K. Ciao. :dance:
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Wint3r Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2006
I like this a lot, the colors and the design are both very nice. Excellent background!
unhingeddiamond Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2006
stunning! ^^ emotive... lovely.
ni3oxside Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
nice ma man, gud piece i muz say :) ...will check out other too!
lollipopsocks Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
pretty pretty...dark but elegant
Illucieon Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
Hm, very lovely, I'd never pictured the pearly gates like this. :D I do like the statement though, as though you have been accepted to heaven and behind the gateway to eternal bliss is a brick wall. Brilliant. :)

I'm not quite sure if the background completely fits with the plaque. The style of the wall and the gates, even the light seems to work together, but something about the plaque and the vines doesn't fit with the other elements. Maybe it looks too new, and is more obviously computer done than the other elements...I don't know exactly how to describe what it is.

Meh, that's all. I'm not going to get nit picky about such a lovely piece. Nice work :)
Collage Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
Very awesome. I know a couple others mentioned the plaque + screws look off. I'll agree, but it also helps to make them stand out a bit more than just the light on dark contrast going on. The average viewer wouldn't know what to do in photoshop to do that so they wouldn't spot it.

Incredible work, and welcome to my devwatch.
MagentaTheLion Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004   Interface Designer
gr8 piece of art!

must change wallpaper to this!
d00bie Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2004
Glad you like it.

d00bie Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2004
Glad you like it.

hearttears Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2004   Photographer
i like it I see you in australia to good to see well done
ineffabletears Featured By Owner May 17, 2004
i liek this heaps!!! i like the beam of light...magickal

-- may say im a dreamer...but im not the only one...
zeruel Featured By Owner May 16, 2004
i saw it on AO :)
great work ^^
solidtron Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2004
Why didnt I see this pic before? It's very good! Although the plack does look a bit dodgey, doesnt seem to fit, overall, very good! :D :hug: :blowkiss:
neuroheaven Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2004
Very nice work Debbie :)

Very gothic and great colors too :)

Great job :nod:

lunareklipze Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004  Student Photographer
haha, i remember this wallpaper! yeah...too bad devart was a bitch and removed them all; but lets not dwell on the past!
still a pretty sweet background :D

nyako Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004
I luv this... *O* SO elegant~~~!
Mako--stock Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004
it's really nice!! :) ^^
scarce Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
i really like this, i dunno if it's intended, but the feel i get from it says that behind the gates of heaven, there is no entry.
thatsjustyou Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
beautiful colors and lighting - great job! Wish I could say more, but there you have it :)
Nirvanachick Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004   Writer
oooooooh purdy it has the same colours as the 'clover' one you did. thats a lovely one to! shame it was deleted (hisses at devArt)
kagrmom Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004  Professional Writer

This reminds me of your old works that I always loved so much!!


:hug: :hug:
bigdaddyk Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
beautiful!! I love it.
eclipsic Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
Omgomgomg, that's so fucking mad. And yet so fantastic. I love the gothic style, and really cool effect, with the sunbeam coming through (-oh well, something).
You've learned alot Deb.. ;)

snoopy-dog-photos Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004   Photographer
the wallpapers rock and this one is the fucking vin =D

i love it. i may change my desktop to it :bounce:
dayuse-yuipeter Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
Ooh. So gothic. I like it. Lighting's a good touch, too. Very cool, Deb. :nod:
teheimar Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow...nice D00bie...
Finally I get the chance to see one of your submissions.
Good wall, I'll probably use it soemtimes :-)
You are real good at thesse bruses.
Maybe a bit more depth would not have hurt, but it's OK.
kboom Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
Very very expressive piece of art!
You combined your different drawings and stocks well! XD
NullVoiD Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004   Digital Artist
First comment.

Great, i really like the concept. Well done.
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