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You know, nowadays, everyone is bustling around, going to work, heading to school, walking to here, driving to there, thinking about this, dwelling on that (Especially with...recent major events going on.). It just seems as if nobody has the time to get a real beauty sleep, their minds always on something, even in sleep. I mean, not even a simple cat nap. I’m no exception, of course, and being Freshman in highschool only amplifies it all the more since, you know, getting the feel for all the stresses of high school and all tends to take its toll after a while. It’s not very often I can get myself some much-needed rest.

So, it was rather surprising to me when, one day in the middle of my second semester, I actually woke up after what I thought would be another boring night genuinely refreshed and alert, cheery after some dream I had, whatever that was. I was looking forward for the day ahead, which was strange, considering it was only Wednesday. Nonetheless, I didn’t question it, hopping out of bed and just about skipping to the bathroom whilst whistling the whole way. I went to the cabinet, plucked out my toothbrush and toothpaste, filled my cup with water…

...and then I looked in the mirror and realized I had turned in an anthropomorphic feline.

Now, now, don’t click off the tab, turn away from the screen, go back to watching Pornhub videos, or cringe internally/externally at this little story being “just another dumb anthro TF” just yet, let me explain.

Remember how I mentioned there have been “recent major events” before? Yeah, I’m not the only one that just went POOF in the middle of the night, or whatever the heck happens that leads to becoming half an animal. Hey, I don’t know exactly what happens, I was asleep when it did, remember? I mean, I could probably just look it up, but whatever.

Anyway, it’s been happening to people all over my town. You know, turning into anthros in their sleep. You must’ve seen the news recently, or at least saw a video or something about it on Youtube, right? No? Well, okay then. Anyway, there’s no explanation to it so far, but there are theories. Aliens, viruses, government experiments, black magic, all the works.

But hey, whatever it is, I actually don’t really mind it too much.

Now that I have your attention (possibly), maybe I can actually introduce myself now. My name is Aiden, a Freshman in high school as I mentioned before. Hazel eyes, brown hair, pale with freckles and pimples that look like a connect-the-dots page, tall and skinny, average grades, sports fan, Anime fan, yada-yada-yada, you get the idea. I’m just the average Joe. Well, until a couple days ago.

Whatever was happening to so many people had happened to me.

Now, was I surprised when I found that grey-and-white cat face staring back at me when I peered in the mirror? Hell. Fucking. Yeah. Was I frightened? No, not really, in all honesty. I mean, I guess to some extent, somewhere in the back of my mind, I was kind of expecting it. After all, these transformations certainly don’t discriminate, so being the typical kid I was, I suppose I was on the roster of whatever is causing them. In fact, I was actually a little disappointed finding out I had turned. I figured that, if I were to transform, at least I would be something like a badass, buffed-up wolf or coyote, or at least something cute like a fennec fox (I’m a sucker for adorable things.). But nope. I get to be a cat-human that kind of resembles my crabby great-aunt’s scraggly bitch of a pet for the rest of my life. Hey, at least I look way better than that thing.

I stared at my new reflection for a good minute, more examining my new features than anything else. Black fur on either side of my face, a white down the middle that stopped at my pink nose. Whiskers, sharp teeth, studded tongue, ears that swiveled and twitched both on my mental command and on their own to every tiny sound. Oddly, I had kept my brown, messy human hair and hazel-colored eyes, if they were altered to look more animalian.

After that, I took off my tee shirt (And no, this isn’t a strip show or anything, I’m just writing what I did. Believe me, there’s nothing interesting to see there.) and looked down. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but it was obvious what was there. More black fur around a white-fleeced belly and chest, the coat extending down my arms and to my hands, which had changed as well to look more paw-like, even if I still had all my fingers and a working thumb (thankfully).

I’m sure most of you already know what an anthro looks like, so I’ll spare you the details from there. In a nutshell: digitigrade legs, tail, feet had become paws, done.

By that time, I was smiling from ear to ear (well, would have been if my ears were in the same position). I had morphed into an anthro cat! I pretty much sprinted out of the bathroom and downstairs. The wafting scent of waffles hit me before I even touched the first step, so I knew where to go: Right to the kitchen.

“Hey, Dad!” I nearly shouted, pausing in the doorway as I spotted him making breakfast. I wanted him to turn around and see the new me.

Looking back on that, I probably shouldn’t have just barged in like that.

“‘Morning, Aiden!” he greeted joyfully, whirling around with a wide grin on his face. “You’re up earl-”

His words faded away the instant he spotted me, silence reigning for a good two minutes besides the clank of the spatula he had in his hand slipping from his grip and hitting the aluminum sink. He obviously wasn’t as happy about the whole cat thing as I was.

So, after barely managing to calm him down from freaking out like a banshee for the next hour, we did the next thing we could think about: Call my mom at her office (She works the really early shift.). Great idea! The flipout cycle repeated, this time long distance, and once again, I was the hero for the minute to convince her that I was completely fine and not to get a speeding ticket from worriedly driving back home.

Heck, even after a few days, my parents are still anxious about have a half-feline son. Well, okay, maybe a few days isn’t all that much, but I, for one, am not that nervous about being a different...well, being. My senses are better (No more crappy glasses! Yay!), I can run faster and longer (I can keep up with the jocks in gym!), etc. Oh, and as a plus, the pet-loving girls all like me now. Heh.

It’s really everything else around me that’s been happening as a result of this transformation.

Going back to my story, that morning, my dad had told me to stay home for the day, understandably. But, I insisted that I go. I’m not really sure why I didn’t want to skip school. Hell, would’ve been one of the best days ever if I hadn’t. But, I went through the whole morning routine as normally as I possibly could (It’s annoying as hell getting my regular clothes on now with all the fur, and shoes are out of the question entirely.) and headed off to school anyway.

And let me tell you, it was AWKWARD.

Now, as I said before, I’m not the only one in this town that’s been morphed, yet I certainly felt like the only one. The second I stepped through the doors, it was like every person in the lobby was a meerkat, and all eyes landed on me like a hundred laser pointers. The second I felt that, I just wanted to scurry right back out the door like a meek little mouse. However, I didn’t turn around, and instead headed forward to start the day.

“Excuse me,” a crackly voice suddenly croaked from behind me. I recognized it as one of the ancient security guards, obviously suspicious of the “new guy” that had just entered the school.

I paused in my tracks and turned to him. Sure enough, there he was, standing among the masses of students just a couple feet away. Looking up, the wrinkled scowl on his face said just about everything.

“Morning, Mr. Hanks!” I greeted as normally as I could, hoping he would recognize my voice. I’m not quite sure if it was my happiness, my weariness, or the slight animalic growl that’s become a permanent part of my voice that prevented him from hearing that it was me, but whatever it was, my tone didn’t change his expression.

“Ya know we have strict policies related to our students and staff turning into animals, right?” Hanks grumbled, crossing his arms. “Ya gotta report directly to the office to give confirmation.”

Well, I had certainly never heard that one before. Than again, my school is always implementing new rules that they tend to neglect to tell the students about. “Sorry, but I haven’t heard a thing about ‘em.”

Another grumble, this time inaudible at first. “...right. Who are ya anyway, kid?”

“Aiden. Aiden McQuinn.”

I only got a blink in response.

“I’m on the baseball team. Won three trophies. Co-conductor for the band. My student ID number is 7032.” I even plucked out my ID card, even though it was obviously be of no help.

A blank stare from the guard. Jeez, how much confirmation did the old geezer need? Or was he just deaf?

I sighed to myself. “The same kid that got stuck under the gym bleachers a month ago for a penny.”

I suppose I said that last sentence a little too loudly, because along with Mr. Hanks’ change expression to something, thankfully, lighter, I received quite a few gasp-giggles from the other students around me in a mixture of realization at who I was and remembrance of that stupid thing I did a while ago. But hey, at least I was free to go from Hanks’ imprisoning glare. So, I did as was directed, signing into the office and giving full proof of my identity before starting the day.

It felt...odd, to say the least, and as the day went on, I started to regret my choice to try and jump right back to the routine after just having TRANSFORMED into some other creature, as if it was something that occurred to me every other day. I received stares in the halls from those who thought of animal people walking among them as strange and wrong, as well as a number of other various reactions that weren’t so common. Giggles from the pet lovers (as mentioned before), whispers between the gossipers as I passed by, weird looks from the IFC (Internet Fandom Club) members, most of which were assumably Furries judging by their eerie smirks. Teachers were baffled, most demanding explanations from the critter taking the seats of Aiden in every class. My friends were even worse with the interrogations, trying to shove in as many questions as they possibly could every five-minute split between periods whenever they spotted me.

I swear, it felt like I was the only person on the face of the Earth to have turned, even though there was a good eighth of the student body that had already gone through the whole transformation thing. Dale Wilde, Zaylena Mars, Morry Vasquez, Crescent Usagi, and even town-famous high school football star Kyle Zuckerberg are among the growing group, and those are just the popular kids (Lucky them, they all got to be animals they really liked. Popular person luck.). Yet, there I was, scrawny, geeky me caught in the center of all the attention as if I was a new celebrity that just stepped into the spotlight.

Well, to say the least, being noticed by everyone definitely didn’t feel like I expected.

Lunch has finally rolled around after the dragging morning, and at first, I was relieved. I thought it would be a break from the halls that felt like a constant detention as everyone would be distracted with their own little squabbles.

Oh, how wrong I was.

“Hey, guys!” I greeted as calmly as possible as I neared the lunch table I always sat at. Sure enough, the whole gang was there, but they didn’t exactly react with their typical hastened greets before going back to the conversation and hand, leaving me to let myself into it.

Nope. That day, I was the conversation.

“There’s the cat boy himself!” Axel blurted, the first one to notice me approaching. He waved me quickly over, beckoning me to sit beside him. So, with a roll of my eyes, I did.

“So ya’ll already heard about me, huh?” I asked. Or, at least, tried to. The second I planted my ass down, I was hit was a swarming fury of questions about this and that. I mean, jeez! It was as if each of the seven I sit with had their own full interrogation at the ready.

Wait… Seven? There were supposed to be nine of us including me. Where was Robin?

And, what do you know, there she appeared right behind me.

“Robin?!” Hunter suddenly yelped in shock. I followed his wide-eyed vision to the space right over my shoulder, only to be met with a fluffy cloud of cotton stuck right above someone’s denim-clad behind mere inches from my face.

Except it wasn’t cotton. It was a tail. A rabbit’s tail.

I peered up to find a white-furred anthro rabbit standing slouched beside me, a red hood draped over her fuzzy face and the outline of her massive ears appearing in the back of it, folded flat to her neck. Blonde, shoulder-length hair poked from the edges of the hood, and sparkling, ruby eyes pierced the dimness of the cafeteria.

And all throughout the morning, I thought I was the only one to have gone through a transformation for the day.

“Hi…” Robin murmured, head hung low and eyes averted, sitting herself to my right. It was then that I found myself being one of the ones to stare, but not in the same emotions that the strangers in the hall glared at me in.

Okay, okay, can we pause here? In all honestly, I may have a bit of a crush on Robin. It’s a secret that I’ve kept hidden from the others since we all started hanging out as a nonet on a regular basis. She’s a pretty and cute girl, even now as half-rabbit. I mean, who can resist someone with a bubbly nature, likes nerdy things, and has the complexion of a goddess? Okay, maybe that last point was a stretch, but to me, she’s perfect. She was as fully human, and she still is now. 

So, back to the story. I had noticed that, at least for the time being, the furious flow of pressing questions had ceased for me. Lucky me. But, unlucky Robin, they were then directed at her, especially as none of us had heard a thing during the day about her like the others had with me.

“I just got here…” Robin finally managed to explain rather solemnly as the guys settled down. “I skipped the morning…”

Jeez. That wasn’t the Robin I knew. I mean, besides the whole rabbit thing. She was always such a cheery person, the one to lift the spirits of everyone around her if they felt down. It was obvious she hadn’t taken the whole half-animal ordeal as well as I did. Than again, who would?

“Hey, you okay?” I asked calmly, even though the answer was obvious, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

“Who are…” she began, spotting my furred hand on her right shoulder before looking in the direction of my face. Her eyes suddenly widened larger than I had ever seen anyone’s before. “Aiden?!”

I smiled comfortingly, hoping my iconic gesture would work the same way with a muzzle as it had with a flat mouth. “That’s me! Got it on your first try.”

Luckily, it had, and the bunny’s shocked expression quickly faded, replaced by something of great relief, most likely because of the learning that she wasn’t alone in this event.

Now, I have to say, this moment here, me and her looking into each other’s eyes, even for a brief second, it made my heart leap. Sure, the segway to it was as normal of an action as it possibly could’ve been. You know, a friend subtly comforting another friend. And one of which looking like she had just witnessed a haunting for a moment. Nonetheless, as rapidly as it all lasted, there was definitely something there, something more powerful than everything that led up to it, something that I had felt.

And I believe Robin felt it, too.

Welp, that all came to a crashing halt as our companions around us started up yet again with the never-ending yammering.

The rest of the day afterward went about the same way as the morning, but at least I had Robin to accompany (Or was *she accompanying *me?) in the corridors. It was like a comfort tool, basically, for me and for her, just to get through the full day without getting stared down and turned to stone by every person we passed by. And hey, it worked like a charm!

It didn’t feel like the afternoon lasted long at all when the dismissal bell rang, but I wasn’t complaining. The faster I could get out of there, the better. So, I sprinted my way right out of History class, down the hall, and out the back exit (Weirdly enough, I wasn’t seen by any of the staff the whole time. Or maybe they’re just slacking. Or, better yet, I’m now too fast for them to catch me. Ha!).

Man, was it a relief to see daylight again! The sun was warm (if kind of blinding), the trees were splashed with colors of red, orange, yellow and gold, and I could even smell the autumn air beyond the stench of the leftover mystery meat wafting from the cafeteria vents for once. I guess I have to thank my new nose for that last bit.

Then, I spotted Robin standing a few feet away, leaning on a flagpole. Her hood was off for the first time that day, which was honestly a surprise for me as she had kept it on constantly the entirety of the day prior. Even from a distance, I could finally see her full beauty, not veiled in shadow. Silky, blonde hair that flowed in the breeze, ruby eyes that glimmered in the sunlight like gems, and cloudlike, white fur that almost glowed. Adorable bunny ears poked out from her scalp, one folded down a little, not pressed down to the back of her head. If I remembered correctly, and if anthro biology was anything similar to feral animals besides appearance, she was no longer nervous judging by the position of her ears.

“Hey, Robin!” I called out, jogging up to her side.

She must have still been a little on edge, because she jumped the slightest bit when I greeted her. Nonetheless, she turned to me and smiled brightly, a smile that was accompanied cutely by her buck teeth.

“Hi, Aiden!” she replied, even her voice sounding brighter than before. She just about hopped off the pole, and, without warning, I was in her arms, ensnared in an affectionate embrace.

Let me tell you, my heart nearly stopped right then and there. Of course, as told before, Robin is the bubbly type, but she never really was one to hug her friends on a regular basis, like how most girls were. And, though it lasted no more than a couple seconds as she released it quickly, it still felt like something more than just a greeting hug. Much more.

Robin giggled. “What? Never had a girl hug ya before?”

My mind was an incoherent mess at that point, but I tried my best to make sense. “U-Um, no? I mean, yes! I mean, not like…”

Another giggle, a little longer than the first. “Just teasing ya, silly!”

I couldn’t help but giggle goofily myself. “Heh. So, what’re ya doing here still? Waiting for this guy?” I pointed to myself in a joking manner.

“Actually, yeah!”

Well, that caught me a little off guard.

“I wanted to thank you for today,” Robin continued, her voice lowering to a near-whisper. “You know, staying by me and comforting me whenever I got too anxious.”

If it wasn’t for my fur, I surely would’ve been a tomato by then. “Hey, no problem! Besides, most of the comfort really was from you to me, so I should be thanking you.”

Robin’s smile widened ever more. “Still. I have no idea how you’re so content with, ya know, being half a cat and all.”

“Hey, I’m just weird like that.”

“Well, whatever it is, it’s just what I needed to get through the day. So, thank you, Aiden. And...would you mind coming over to my house over the weekend? To talk about, you know…” She gestured toward the both of us, indicating the anomalies that were ourselves.

I couldn’t help but smile wider than her, knowing very well that she wanted the comfort of her companions. Hey, I was perfectly willing to go. Besides, I was beginning to think I needed it as well when the negatives of suddenly being an anthro started to dawn on me. “Of course! Anything ya like! Ya already told the rest of the guys?”

“Actually…” Robin began, shyly turning away, yet drawing a little closer than she already was. “I was hoping it could just be the two of us for the weekend. You and me.”

Once again, I felt my heartbeat quicken to extents I hadn’t ever even believed was possible.

Okay, okay, let’s pause again. Yes, I know very well that I should’ve been tipped off by the “staring-into-each-other's-eyes” event at lunch, as well as her hug, both of which I had noticed very well were signs of affection, so I should;ve been expecting her to eventually ask me to go with her to do something with just the two of us involved. I don’t know, maybe I was just a little bit skeptical at the time about there being anything between us besides friendship, but the evidence had presented itself so obviously that that was not the case.

At that point, we were more than just friends.

“O-Oh, of course!” I managed after some time.

Robin peered back up at me again, her eyes sparkling brighter than ever. “Really? I mean, okay! Come over on Saturday or Sunday, either is fine. See ya tomorrow, Aiden!” She then stood on her tippy-toes, pecking my fluffy cheek ever so lightly before bounding away with an exuberant stride.

I cannot express in words how happy I was at that moment. Tomorrow’s Saturday, and I’m definitely heading over to Robin’s place as soon as I can. Maybe it’s just my over-confidence talking, but I know, without a doubt, that this will definitely work.

Aiden out!

Something a little different, focusing on the aftermath of a TF rather than the TF itself. Its not perfect, but its something that varies from the usual. Also, first-person diary entry-style is something that I'm new at.

Dunno how long these things will run, but probably a long while.

Sooo, enjoy!

Written by me
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Nakkune Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I love this story! Especially the focus on a more slice-of-life narration. I've always liked post-tf stuff better than the actual transformation.
D-X-T Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Glad you liked it! 
Ocxin Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Breaking the TF-story cliché of basically not caring for the aftermath is definetly a good thing.

Altough I must say, you're the first person I've ever seen that misspelled t-shirt.
D-X-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I always try to mix things up a bit.

And I've seen "T-shirt" spelled "tee shirt" plenty times.
Ocxin Featured By Owner Edited May 13, 2017
The question is, did they spell it right or not.
D-X-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Proof of technical correctness:…
Ocxin Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
BUT it's not a safe choice.
And as we all learned in biology class, we gotta do it safe.


*insert Fire Emblem-style death
D-X-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Okie fine, you win. Still, I have seen "tee" used in even professional novel works.
Ocxin Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Actually, I have no problem if leave it like it is.
You've showed me that you're right.
I just tried to make a joke at the end.
D-X-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooooh. Well that slipped right over my head, didn't it?
(1 Reply)
AJ-Lethal Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It's telling when people recognizes you for recalling an embarassing incident.
D-X-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep it is.
gamerboy24 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Love the story. Could I be in the story as well. I have some great ideas I think that will really take your story to the next level
D-X-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Possibly. I have a few ideas of my own of what's to come with future parts, but I'd be happy to hear yours!
gamerboy24 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
Thanks man. Send me a note so we can talk
D-X-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure thing!
gamerboy24 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017
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