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Pixel Graveyard :hi res:

Pixel Graveyard...
Wallpaper, mostly abstract and requires a full view
-Take your time and enjoy the depth of the brighter "pixels"

Technical Stuff
3DMax v5.1
8800+ objects: rendered@1600x1200
:bulletred: 2.4 Ghz w/ 800Mhz FSB
:bulletred: 512 RAM
:bulletblue: FX5200

My 1024x768 version can be easily found here [link]
Image details
Image size
1600x1200px 221.25 KB
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buzzzzzzzzzzzzyy O.O
Scatropolis's avatar
I love it....similar (but not) to my cube(s)
[link] [link] [link]
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you used brazil in that render? if so, is those inner brighter boxes with some defect in the render or is it just the textures?
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thats just poor sampling, I actually made a better render, I just forgot to replace it. check back in a couple of days and you will like the results.
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That is bloody awesome.

I thought of something like this earlier, but you beat me to it. :D
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thats really cool.
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like it a lot. reminds me a bit of mc escher. :thumbsup:
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supa schway!
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Tis a fun pic!
how do bring about these wonderful works of art?!
I like this as well, in particular because of the name. Graveyard, from certain given perspectives the box seems to be finite, that death is only finite, hope that one may reunite in the end(i.e. heaven and hell.) But from inside the grave, inside the tomb, death becomes infinite, a secret held only by the dead. The white light representing the finite departure, the BRIGHT hope that one may be reunited, but as one searches deeper and deeper, one is faced with a less hopeful, DARKER acceptance of ones fate. "The purpose of life is to end." hehe be happy:).
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Very cool concept. I like the way that you can look down that one row into the inside that goes on to infinity, I like the pixel "graveyard" as the background. I'm not crazy about the material you used to make up the cube, it's kind of blah, but mabe you wouldn't have been able to see so deep inside with another mat? I don't know. Plus it makes the outside pieces getting full lighting washed out looking. But it's a great design :)
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very cool.....
melv1n's avatar
it looks great
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wow! thats awesome!
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This is awesome!

Thanks for sharing this! :clap:
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I like it! Kinda Escher-esque!
budgieishere's avatar
fuck thats awesome! kinda trippy in a way...:+fav:
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Wow.. odd but cool. :)
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lol looks like alot of time went into this !! great stuff D
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