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Christmas handmade brushes

By D-u-D
Here's a few Christmas handmade brushes.I draw them first then scaned and here's result,i hope u like them.And please show me how u used them i really want to see.
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hehe thank you very much
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Thx very much!
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Hi!!! Thanks for great brushes! I used some of them here: [link] ^^
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Can I use these for commercial use?
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I am really sorry but you are not allowed to use them for commercial purpose. They are under CC noncommercial license and i wan't to keep them that way. Sry.
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Hi ,I used one of your brushes to decorate the gift in [link]

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Hello there!
Just used your Brush for a little Decoration on that one:
(You wont get the Joke if you dont know the Series, in that case: nevermind.)
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:) i don't know the series :P but nevermind...Happy holidays to you!!!! :) :)
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Happy Holidays to you, too! :)
Hi D-u-D! I used your lovely tree brush for the banners on my page The Christmas Tree Shop. Thanks so much for making them! Heather
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Hi ..Thanks for the beautiful brushes :heart:.

I used them in my We are Best Friends
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thank you for these cute brushes :D
aww they're so cute :) <3
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thanks...these are great!
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