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Going through this portrait i realized how much Link reseambles Peter Pan. The elf fairy tale look, in a mixture with an adult Peter Pan (considering Adult Link of course). Specially when you try to draw a realistic fairy beside him, then you start to see Peter Pan and Tinker Bell more clearly. When i thought about his expression i did a lot of ideations, trying to find what felt like the right one. The funny thing is that Link is really too neutral, and that was and still is one of the major choices regarding gameplay from Mr. Myiamoto. It's easier to feel empathetic to him, and i always liked that. Link represents courage, and the will to keep going, so i tried to imply some subtle courageous look, but still neutral, not a exaggerated fierce look, proud, cocky, nothing like that.

I thought it would be also nice to have a suggestion on the background, to give scale to the picture and give more complexity than a simple plain color. Had great fun doing this. Hope you like it!

Make sure to check my blog to see it step by step:

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That's a stunning portrait. I really liking the realistic look of this.
That's how I could imagine a live action movie of this game series :)