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March 16, 2012
Ganondorf's expression sends shivers down my spine. What a fantastic portrait! Fan Art by ~Toguza
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This is easily one of my favorite characters. Ganondorf is the classical evil enemy, greedy and seeking to conquer all the land, and bound everyone to it's will. The gerudos are an interesting race in terms of visual and i always wanted to paint this fire head dark king. My first encounter with him was on Ocarina of Time, and i remember like if it were yesterday, Link and Zelda spying on the king's court window and seeing this man pretending to be a king's ally, on his knees, and then suddenly he turns his head to the camera and sees you.

That gave me the creeps when i had 12. That pure evil look, seeing through your soul with that cynical smile on his face. That is what i tried to represent here. Ganondorf is power on the triforce, brute force, so he needed to be massive in a way. The background needed to be almost pure black, like if he is emerging from the darkness over a flaming ground. His pale face is something very odd and terrifying too but i really wanted to give that red-dark light feel to represent his evilness, so when you see his face, it's covered on a malice red light. This is not the guy you'll want to mess with. That wraps up the first set. I hope you like it!

Make sure to check the step by step on my blog:

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The most powerful being in Hyrule.