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COPIC marker colour set - Comic Illustration 24 by d-signer COPIC marker colour set - Comic Illustration 24 by d-signer
24 individually picked and ordered swatches to match the corresponding COPIC marker set.

I created these sets so designers and artists don't have to fish through the entire 358 COPIC swatch to find the colours for a particular theme or style. They match the physical COPIC marker sets both in colour and order to speed up your workflow between traditional and digital media.
(The swatches match COPICs CMYK values, so match physical markers, not RGB as in other online COPIC swatches.)

The swatch file is in standard Adobe Swatch Exchange format (.ASE), so can be easily loaded into your favourite Adobe Creative product, e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. (Created using Photoshop CS3, so should work with everything since).
They are based on the official COPIC Swatch found at…

Spread and share between your colleagues and friends. Free for home or commercial use.

Thanks, and link to the works you use it in (self-promotion for you ;)) in the comments would also be appreciated.
d-signer Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018
Download the updated version containing all 32 sets, all 358 colours, in 3 formats.
d-signer Featured By Owner Edited Apr 2, 2016
If you like these check out the other sets I made, this was inspired by (but no longer based on)  kayleefuzzyhat's full 358 COPIC swatch

I've re-made this upload, and all swatches are now based on the official COPIC .ASE swatch - as the colours were found to be different to kayleefuzzyhat's.
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