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Mask set

Thought I’d give Lilith some masks for when she enters into a fight.

  • Serpent’s Temptation - A deceptively seductive mask meant to imitate Lilith’s namesake.
  • Goetia Heiress - Mostly meant for formal wear, it also has an intimidating aura to it.
  • Mask of the Jester - Lilith once came across a strange entity wearing this mask. Lilith demanded to see what they looked like after they seemed to be wary of her. The entity obliged, and Lilith soon awoke with the entity gone and this mask left behind.
  • Ferocious Tiger - A mask meant to be intimidating, though some have stated that it looks cute. They tend to not say so when Lilith is actually wearing it.
  • Father’s Lament - Halphas made it clear to Lilith that the reason he was so much more involved with her was because he failed as a parent to his son and wanted to begin changing how he interacted with his children. However, he has also been rather open about his dislike of some of Lilith’s more extreme actions, finally reaching a schism after her assault on Macabre.
  • Mother’s Joy - Gretchen also initially ignored Lilith like she did Macabre, though eventually had her interest pique when she began to notice some of Lilith’s activities. She became much more involved in raising Lilith after she enacted a surprise assault on Macabre and his family, even if the mission ended in failure for Lilith.
  • Controlling Voice - A mask meant to instill a sense of fear into others. It also amplifies Lilith’s voice to be more dominating on the battlefield. There is an enchantment on the mask, which allows Lilith to enter a state of combat rage much more quickly.
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