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About Blueflame (Me) + Speech
That's right, I took inspiration from :iconbluemaxwell: , got check him out, he's an awesome dude.
However, I'm starting off with me, the idiotic loser who's speaking right now and tonight, you'll learn some things about me so you know what to expect or not expect.
1. So, I have an interest in Lost Media and Mysteries on the internet, so there's that.
2. English is my main language, I'm very rusty with my Spanish, thank you America.
3. My current equipment is my phone, headphones, and my school iPad
4. For some reason, I like to question everything like how dabbing even exists.
5. I try to be a positive dude, as I can handle light insults and vulgarism.
6. Most of my deviantart friends are females and I enjoy most of their personalites. Plus, they're pretty awesome too.
7. But I also appreciate my dude friends, I like to conversate with my male watchers to see if we have things in common.
8. Most of my characters are female. That should be obvious.
9. I love to airstrike points to some
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Artwork drawn by people much more talented than me.


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Not just an adopts account.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey, I'm D-Prototype/[NAME NOT FOUND]. I'm a learning young artist (I guess), occasional gamer, green-eyed monster, part-time slacker, and heavy sleeper. I also like demon girls. Nice to meet you.

I have always liked drawing. I was self-taught from an early age, though I have taken a few art classes throughout the years.

Drawing is what I'm best at, as I said before. Of course, I still have a lot to learn about it, which is why I like this site.

However, I wouldn't really consider myself that much of an artist. This is really just a side thing for me, and I have no desire to become a professional artist/animator.

You may draw fan art of my characters, as long as it follows these rules:
1. Must be appropriate. Nothing overly sexual or violent. I am okay with it in certain circumstances, however.
2. No fetish or pony art.
3. You absolutely MUST credit me.

ART TRADES: Closed (might do if you're a friend)
REQUESTS: I don't do requests anymore.

On a side note, I don't accept any tags or memes of those sorts, as I find them a waste of my time. Please don't include me in them.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. See ya later.

My stamps:

Other places you can find me:

Really cool people:
- :iconace-the-artist: My lovely girlfriend.
- :iconkenexandrite: My co-collaborator and creator of the Xenith OC series.
- :icondevanarcher101: One of the few friends who's stuck with me since my early days on the site.
- And many more!
Hey everyone, Proto here.  These past couple of weeks have been pretty bad for me, and I'm not really in the best mindset to draw anything.  As such, I've decided to close commissions for the holiday season, and they shall remain closed until further notice.  If you've already paid for a commission that hasn't been completed yet, don't worry, I'll still be able to get those done.  I just need a break from drawing for a while.  And if I owe anything from you, please let me know.  My memory is crap.  That being said, have a lovely holiday season and stay warm.

Journal History


Adoptable - Harp Scythe (Open)
Yep, I'm back into the swing of things.  I'm keeping customs closed for now though.

I think 20 :points: is a fair price for this one.
Qurissa Brihala
Name: Qurissa Brihala
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthdate: February 8th
Occupation: Mercenary Co-leader
Species: Half Demon
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 4'11"
Weight: Private

Likes: Fighting, money, karaoke, indie rock
Dislikes: Assholes, bullies, her narcolepsy, her body type
+ Charitable: She gives a third of what she earns to the homeless and other disadvantaged folk.
+ Benevolent: Despite her attitude problem and her line of work, she is overall a good person.
= Bloodthirsty: She's always looking for a good fight, whether it's sparring or a blood duel.
= Energetic: Qurissa is a lively ball of energy, whether it's positive or negative.  However she burns out easily.
- Short fuse: Her fuse is as short as her stature, and a lot of things piss her off.  She has a lot of trouble staying calm.  She once went through five stress balls during one particularly stressful night.
- Immature: Qurissa has a petty attitude towards those she deems as assholes.

Bio: Qurissa is the half-demon daughter of an infamous mob boss.  Her demon father left her before she was born, so she was raised solely by her human mother.  However, her mother didn't truly love her, and raised her to be a weapon for the mob because of her demonic strength.  When she found out about this, an argument ensued and Qurissa was quickly disowned by her mother and attacked by the mob.  Quickly defeating the mob, she gave herself a new last name and wandered Tiamatia looking for a new life.  Taking a job as a mercenary, she quickly worked her way up until she became in charge of her own mercenary group alongside fellow half-demon Aria.  They're slowly becoming known as the least malicious mercenary group, killing only those who deserve it.

Strengths/abilities: Being half demon, Qurissa is physically stronger than a normal human despite her build.  Qurissa's weapon of choice is a large metal club she's nicknamed the Skullcracker.  It can do some pretty nasty damage, especially if she's enraged.  She tends to fight dirty, aiming for the legs and other weak spots.  She also knows how to fight hand-to-hand and with ranged weapons, but she prefers not to since she doesn't like lugging around a bunch of heavy guns when she can just lug around a heavy club.  Outside of combat, she's a fairly decent singer and likes to show off her singing voice through karaoke.

Weaknesses: Being half demon, she is harmed by holy items like holy water and crucifixes.  Not only is she short and a lightweight, but she also suffers from occasional bouts of narcolepsy.  When faced with larger groups of enemies, she prefers to fight alongside Aria or another mercenary.

Fun Facts:
- Like Kit, her design originated from a doodle I did at work.  Though the idea for her was kicking around in my head for a month or two.
- Her tail ends in a club symbol, hinting at her weapon of choice.
- Qurissa's natural hair color is white.  She dyes it pink to distance herself from her father.
- She prefers to use blunt weapons just in case she needs to leave an enemy alive.

Edit 1: Updated some info.
Considering reopening custom adopts, but I probably won't open normal commissions for a while.


Lineart commission
Same as the full body commissions, but just lineart.  No background.
Sketch Commission
Like regular commissions, but it's just a sketch.
NSFW Commissions (Generally full body)
I've been meaning to practice drawing NSFW stuff, and I figure I might as well do commissions.  Keep in mind I can only do simple NSFW stuff at this point in time, namely female nudity.  I can't do anything advanced yet.
Full Body
Simple background.  Extra 10 points for every extra character in the piece after the first.
Custom Adoptables
I've had a bit of practice creating custom adoptables, so I'm now selling them for the cheap price of 25 points per adoptable.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT pay through this widget.  I'll turn it down if you do, so pay through the donation widget.


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