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Zatoichi for Criterion

Some interior art I did for Criterion's Zatoichi boxed set you can nab the boxed set over at… and you can see the rest of the art I did for the project over at…
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Insane...I just got back on DA after a long hiatus. I always loved your work but never put two and two together when I purchased this box set two years ago. I knew it looked familiar. Doesn’t appear that you’re on this thing anymore, but that box set is pretty much the grail of my chambara collection
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checked out the whole thing on Behance. Amazing stuff.
Cool stuff. Criterion always has superior extras. Is Zatoichi your favorite criterion tititle?
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hehe... I don't play favorites. 
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These are too good.  Always impressive, man.
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NO YOU DID WHAT NOW!? Congrats man! That's huge.
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So great; kudos on doing Criterion work.
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Ronald, you're the right man for the job. I'm glad they had the vision for it.
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wow, thanks!

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So stinking awesome.
My hats off to criterion for finding the perfect artist for this collection.
Did you actually watch all of the films in the collection as research for the art?
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Thanks! I didn't have to watch them, I'm a huge fan already, but I did. What a fun job.
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I have only seen the super weird Takeshi kitano iteration which I'm sure doesn't quite count, so I might have to just save up for this set.
Can you recommend a top three to start off with?
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hmmm... start at the beginning. First three are dope.
Yeah, Beat Takeshi's Zatoichi is a funny take on it but yeah, Shintaro Katsu IS Zatoichi. 
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Way too cool, Man!
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Whoa no way! This is really cool
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super neat dude!
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