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Galar Adventures - Little Thief - 16

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RPG character join team option menu

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Pokemon Trainer Girl: Otter Dan (F)
Eeevee: Victoria (Vic) (F)
Sobble: MacDiMercury (Macky-Di) (M)
Yamper: BebbiBoltage (Bolt) (M)

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introvertnachoHobbyist Digital Artist

Now this is getting neat. Catching Pokemon with Pokeballs is one thing but trying to recruit them RPG style is a nice alternative, and more friendly too <3

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" would you like to aquire the goon?"



Goon has joined the party

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pokediginutStudent Writer

All the fucking cutes in this page and such darling faces.

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lmao thanks my dude

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See this, THIS is how you catch Pokémon like a true anime protagonist

D-O-9's avatar

Im ready to give my weeb ass what it wants

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Trainer offers you to join the team. Will you accept the offer?


> NO

Loved the last pages!

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thanks my dude!

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somerandomguynumber1Hobbyist General Artist

The best teammate. Now find that nickit!!!

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PokeloboHobbyist Digital Artist
So many fluffy doggo! Now with rocker raccoon yay!
Loving the comic! Especially their great expressions! Great work!
D-O-9's avatar

I read Rocket instead of ROcker and I immediately imagined Rocket Racoon from GOTG with the galarian zigzagoon colors lmao, thanks!

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GhidoramonNew Deviant
(Over-epic joining the ream music starts playing-)
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ALL THAT BLOODY RACKET *angry middle aged english woman fanning everyone*

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GhidoramonNew Deviant
Zigzagoon: Zigza
Translation: A D I O S
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SobbleFanHobbyist Digital Artist

Okay Join them! Macky needs more friends!

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* you have achieved a new goal, new friend unlocked*

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Hmm, why didn't she let the strike go trough? I get that It's a way to earn the trust of Zigzagoon, but I hope she Isn't scared to see pokemon get hurt. Be interesting to see how she would win her battles if that were the case tough.

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as a gal who has traveled around some other places she has learnt some pokemon dont need to be defeated in battle, eevee is a fairly strong one thus theres no need to land an actual move, its all relative and well ..... a n i m e

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New Party Member, And its from Galar :D

D-O-9's avatar

and a very lovely galar mon indeed!

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Otter Dan formed a bond with the Zigzagoon, after fighting it in a battle. A new partner joins Otter Dan’s Party! Will they ever find that Nickit who stole Otter Dan’s stuff? Will she ever pay off the debt! We’ll find out, as the Journey continues.....
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*no real pokemon were hurt in the making of this comic*

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Of course not! Pokémon are innocent and pure 🥺🥰
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