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Galar Adventures - Little Thief - 35 - END

By D-O-9-Bessa
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Alright everyone, that's a wrap for this story "Galar Adventures - Little Thief" I hope you've all enjoyed it!

Kinda crazy how many people kept coming back and dropping some nice comments on my drawings and all sort of fun anecdotes or interesting questions, speculations, constructive feedback, all of it!

Thank you everyone for checking out this lil story and if in the future I'm to do another one I'll let you all know and you can all let me know as well if you'd like to see something like this, trust me there's enough content written down haha

I deeply appreciate the fact that any of you took the time to check my work when there is already so much stuff to see on a day to day basis, so to you, person who took the time, a genuine thank you, you may not write down comments, or favorite the image, but if you enjoyed it and it gave you some inspiration to do works of your own, then it's a really nice thing

I wish you all the best my dudes, cheers <3

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Pokemon Trainer Girl: Otter Dan (F)
Eeevee: Victoria (Vic) (F)
Sobble: MacDiMercury (Macky-Di) (M)
Yamper: BebbiBoltage (Bolt) (M)
Galarian Linoone: MuntzWiggum (Muntz) (M)
Thievul: RodinRomanov (Roody) (M)
Galarian Farfetch'd: ????

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introvertnachoHobbyist Digital Artist

Ominous Farfetchd is getting ready for his appearance for the next story haha

And hey! lots of congrats on finishing this lovely comic! It surely must've been an interesting and exciting way of putting your drawing skills into storytelling ^^ So amazing job with this and the PMD one, I hope we see more stuff like this <3 Seeing all of this is making me inspired and I hope others who have read these comics of yours get inspired by this aswell ^^

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

hehe I hope it gets you fired up as well! it's been a lot more fun than I ever imagined, I always wanted to make comics but never felt comfortable enough, I think something just clicked and I was all "ah screw it I'm wasting my time not doing it" and there you go, suddenly I was working on pages every single day. It's fascinatingly bizarre how the brain can really stop you or keep you going in certain things, but man am I glad mine finally hit some sort of wall

Galarian FafetchD is suh a cool Pokemon along with its evoltuion I had such a hard time choosing to evolve it or not because they are standalone awesome Pokemon on their own so I had to create some sort of story that would make it worth it for me to have a SirFetchD, but man, I love this absolutely mad Yakuza like bad bird of a Pokemon <3 (the way he just wallops you with the leak is so funny my god)


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introvertnachoHobbyist Digital Artist

Glad to see you feel happy and accomplished in the making of these comics ^^ Making and planning pages isn't an easy task, so neat to see you feel great with this

And yes haha, that Farfetch'd is so appealing thanks to those angry eyebrows it has lol, same thing happened to the one you once traded me in one of our gameplays, he's still an angry unevolved Farfetch'd to this day lmao

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

I also have one a friend gave me and that boy is staying angry haha, and thanks Nacho <3

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SoftKeychainsHobbyist Digital Artist

That was really a nice comic and I enjoyed its run, as well the previous PMD one starring a Scorbunny

It's always magical to see pokemon characters evolved and that Thievul and Linoone look really cool! Eevee is one thing that takes time but I found odd how Sobble did not evolve yet. But in a sense maybe I can see why, as Drizzile and Inteleon are largely hated. Many people probably would want to keep Sobble as it is because of that. It is literally the Rowlet of this generation.

Either very nice job and keep the good work!

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

Thanks a bunch for the comment my dude! In my case I actually have always evolved my starters but this time I didnt find Sobbles evolution line as appealing so I decided to try out a play without evolving it and hey I was really surprised how much fun it actually was to use it. I just really really like its appeal and instead of keeping Sobble as a character to battle I kept it more as a companion and one to play with the Pokemon in camp, which is kind of the same as the Eevee. The Eevee is a bit like Ashs Pikachu, its the main companion on every journey, sometimes she battles, especially in the beginning of a journey when the Trainer doesnt have many Pokemon yet, but once the Team grows a bit more the Eevee basically steps back and lets others do the battling. Kind of how like a lot of Pokemon from Ashs Team dont evolve and dont fight as much.

This doesnt mean though that I dont like Sobbles line, in fact I actually do have a playthrough with an Inteleon and another team, just not this one though

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well that was a fun journey

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

glad ya ha a fun time my dude, guess I wont be needing this *puts gun away*

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I'd love to see more of her! This was a fun comic to read!

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

thanks my dude! Id love to show more of her, got a whole lot of comics written down and misadventures of them, probably not all will come in this long format of 30 plus pages but hey who knows!

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She Got Lvl 20's already.

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

is that the level??? I kinda forgot, but I think Milos Eldegoss is level 20 right??? I keep my Pokemon usually at the level of the gym leaders second strongest Pokemon as well as a bit higher if the Pokemon evolves around that time, which I think was the case with either Thievul or Linoone, not sure

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Nickit evolves at lvl 18, so its close. Zigzagoon evolves at lvl 20. And yes Milo's Eldegoss is lvl 20. But shouldnt sobble have evolved to Drizzile by now?

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
Nah the Sobble doesnt evolve, kind of like how Ashs Rowlet doesnt evolve, he enjoys being with other Pokemon more than battling them, hes really g9od at avoiding or staggering Pokemon as well (as per rxample the Zigzagoon in this comic)
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D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

TARARARA! THEY EVOLVED! during the gym challenge to be more specific, pushin those Wooloos around aint no easy task!

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Ono this the end to series as well! Noooo!...ANYWAYS BACK TO THE MYSTERY DUNGEON!
D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
Maybe yes! But it might take a bit, I habe other things to work on before jumping onto the PMD stuff
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FlammenfederHobbyist Writer

This comic was awesome on every level^^ You seem to work so clean and so fast, I hope you still have enough time for yourself xD Loved how the personalities of all the pokemon were conveyed, too^^ The only thing I resent a bit is Thievul... But I resent every Nickit that had to evolve. I just like Nickits design so much more xD

So in short, great work, I love to follow it and am excited for whatever comes next^^

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

Hey man thats super kind of you, I try my best and I enjoy the routine of working on these kind of comics almost daily and getting them out there and see the feedback, its been a fantastic couple of weeks. I personally really like this little cunning fox and the big dumb fox, its that kind of design that says "dumb" but a kind of "so dumb that if it were animated it would probably be actually quite charming" and I love that, I would have loved t have seen these foxes in an old Pokemon Stadium or Collosseum setting, the animation on them would have probably shown more of their fun personalities, and same with the crazy racoons

thanks again my dude, your comment is greatly appreciated<3

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