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Galar Adventures - Little Thief - 13

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Kung fu crying

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Pokemon Trainer Girl: Otter Dan (F)
Eeevee: Victoria (Vic) (F)
Sobble: onion boy
Yamper: BebbiBoltage (Bolt) (M)

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LivingGhost1's avatar
Zigzagoon: ...THE FUCK?!
pokediginut's avatar

Fake Tears still makes me sad

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar

its kinda weird that Ive never found Fake Tears an appealing move because it made me sad as well yet I seem to be perfectly fine with drawing a Sobble tearing itself so hard with Tearful Look that it summons the great wave of Kanagawa

but then again Sobbles precious so

pokediginut's avatar

He is indeed a bab

randous3r's avatar

You could show me this comic and 100% convince me that it is an official Pokémon comic.

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
Hey thats lovely my dude, now to get Ninte do on the phone so they can finally pay me kek
somerandomguynumber1's avatar
Sadness is sobbles special ability.
Seems about right.
D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
With a side of fatty tears yes
Fhoenox's avatar

It's super effective on the viewer. Also Zigzagoon's face is precious.

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
If anyone has been rendered to tears by my work I will have achieved my peak

And cheers!
Fhoenox's avatar

*raise glass* Hear, hear!

DeviantPenguin40's avatar

Behind the scenes of every movie where the bad guys lose

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
Yeah you better cry Scar you wimp ass lion
eevee27's avatar



D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
Me whenever Im on the Camp feature with my Sobble tbh
introvertnacho's avatar

Macky-Di as seen the intro scene of Up and began to cry; It's super effective!

Don't get worried onion boi, I also get teary eyed with dozens of movies, last one was with Little Women (2019) haha

And the Sobble episode in the anime was gold with all those crying scenes lmao

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
I gotta say I myself am one heck of a wimp when it comes to crying, I cant resist sobbing even when Im watching a very bad movie, even if a scene is dumb and sad Ill probably still cry just as hard as the first time I saw that damn Up scene, I couldnt watch the next 10 minutes of that movie because my eyes were so blurred lmao
I watched Little Women a while ago and I gotta say I was kinda judgemental and concerned going into it but then I saw it and to see why the movie was called that and the sad parts of it really hit me, and a couple more sobs came from my end tbh

I wrote these comic ideas months ago which made it very fun to see the similarities between my comic and these recent episodes haha
introvertnacho's avatar

Haha yeah, I still remember how I sobbed when I saw Grave of the Fireflies, that movie is hard to watch for me and I get scared when I see recomendations of other similar movies lol

Oh and it will be fun to see how the Galar mons are represented both here and in the anime with the only info of their personalities being the descriptions from the Dex

FireLizard2005's avatar
This can actually work according to Sobble's Pokèdex entry
D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
Why most certainly!
SobbleFan's avatar

Amazing! I am already proud!

D-O-9-Bessa's avatar
No one can cry like this boy! What an icon
SobbleFan's avatar

I have to agree!

Bluedramon's avatar

Sobble's Sword Pokedex entry: When scared, this Pokémon cries. Its tears pack the chemical punch of 100 onions, and attackers won't be able to resist weeping.

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