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Warforged Sorcerer

A Warforged sorcerer from the Eberron setting of Dungeons & Dragons. A character commission drawn in pencil and digitally colored in Photoshop.
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interesting concept,i love how you used a veriety of shapes for the metal plating (and the two different colored eyes are a nice touch) Warforged casters are so much fun to play

ive always liked the idea of a Warforged Alchemist.

infact im playing in a game where my character was a powerfull Human alchemist who bound his soul to a Warforged Body...with A Philosopher stone made of Psyonic crystal at his heart and a
mithril Body with an enchanted Mirror Coating over his bod (and tower shield) with the power to reflect magic right back at an attacker...With his Psychic crystal lance(with returning and electric burst) at his side he underwent life as his new identity,as a trained Psion warrior (5th lv)

his human name was Reginald Faust,now he goes only by the identity of the mysterious Psion knight "Mirage"

(forgive my rambling,as i love the warforged,next to Dragonborn they are my favorite race) :D
This is an amazing image. I'm using it for a campaign log of a D&D game Full credit given. 
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has he been repaired before?
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The concept was that he had been assembled out of pieces of other Warforged so he's got a lot of different mismatched parts.
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ah, that'd be it; thanks for the speedy response
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THIS is a good idea
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I like this a lot.
Currently I'm trying to put a warforged character I have into picture but I'm having problems fitting armor with him.
When you were making this did you have issues with the way the armor looked on this warforged? Or did you even have to decide what his armor looked like?

Also for the arguments out there. Warforged made decent sorcers. Their makeup has a lot to do with the Magics of the world. I mean.. They are constructs. Sorcery would practically run through their blood... if they had any.
Ontop of that there is a choice of no armor which would completely get rid of any spell failure, obviously a first level feat. Some people take that if making a warforged monk to help but either way. Even mithril armor at 15% wouldn't be bad.
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warforged Psions are pretty good too.
Looks awesome.

I've always wondered how that worked though, since a Warforged isn't "born" by conventional means, and most sorcerers have a bit of dragon blood in them.
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Cool!!!!!!!!!!!! the design is really complicated
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I like it!
My only problem is, don't warforged take penalties to charisma? So a sorcerer would be inherently weaker as a arafroged.
But, that aside (seeing as how its a comission) I really like this pic!
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First of all, that is amazing. Second, a question:

I'm wondering if I can use this (or at least some of it) for a play-by-post D&D game I'm in. See, DM wants a small bust picture for everyone so there's more of a visual feel for it. Or something like that.

Regardless, credit will certainly go where credit is due. What say you, yay or nay?
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Sure. I have no problem with people using my work as reference for their own games as long as credit is given for the source.
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You're my hero *___*
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Nice work, dude, great pose and feel to this guy.
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Thanks, man. I really enjoy your work too.
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Beautiful work! I love it!
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i m a warforged
in d&d
a sexy femele warforged thief


but i dont know draw good this
can you help me?
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Sorry, I'm a busy guy. There are some drawings of female warforged out there if you look around though.
midorisama's avatar
oh come on!!!

help me

watch this, plz, is a diferent sketch:
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