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Savage Samurai Santa

This was done for a Christmas art exchange and will probably end up doubling as my card for this year.

This time Santa's fighting back!

Pencils with digital color.
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 Further proof, should any be required, that 'Lobo's Paramilitary Christmas Special' was based primarily on 'The Main Man' lying his --- off!;) (Wink) 
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Wow thats bloody fantastic.
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thats friggin hilarius! XD
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this is hilarious! :D
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He's still got that loving twinkle in his eye!
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"Your kung-foo is weak. Next time, I will send a glass of milk to fight you."
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That is so cool!! :D
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Is there anything cooler then ninjabreadmen?... I suppose it's possible, though i haven't seen anything yet.
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Well, after reading the last Jack Spratt-book Jasper Fforde wrote I shouldn't be surprised about the dangerous ninja-gingerbread men, but I had no idea Santa can fight back in ninja-style too. ^_^
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lol... that is one cool santa, he even has to fight ninja ginger bread men,
whats theyre slogan? "run,run,run, we're the gingerbread ninjas"?
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