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DC Comic Book Style TTF Font

By d-ko
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These things take practice ... tons of it .. and good software, which I'm not yet using ... but I felt like making a better version of my other comic book font, and it is better .. but I'm using a freeware Tablet PC utility, which limits *alot* of what I can do. I'm working on that ;) I was feeling lazy ^__^ i felt like making a font, not learning how to use the new, badass software for making the font.

DC Comics style font .. not an exact copy .. not my intention. Has copyright symbol, lower and uppercase letter I

Bolding and italicizing text gives the varied widths and such, you see in most commercial comics.

I plead, if you are making of comic of any kind, whether on PAPER or for the WEB, for the love of god, DO NOT USE COMIC SANS MS. See short rant in readme.txt for further details.

You don't have to use *my font*, just don't use *that one* <glares at Comic Sans MS>
© 2005 - 2021 d-ko
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Nice work and thank you for it. Hug

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You're a lifesaver - I'm just learning how to make comics but the only "comic font" I had was comic sans. X|
I'm replacing all the font in the few pages we have published and gonna re-upload them! Thank you for this.
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P.S. I glared at Comic Sans menacingly right along with you. 
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Thank you sooooo much!! I've been searching EVERYWHERE for a comic book font to use for my daughter's Save the Date invites to her Harley Quinn and Deadpool themed wedding. As always, the creative Mom here is at it again trying to save the day. And you just helped me do so! You rock!
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Thank you again!:) (Smile) 
Used here:
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Thank you very much!!
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thanks I love it!
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Awesome - Thanks! ^^
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Thank you so much <3 :D
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I'll do my best to put this to good use! Thanks!
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awesome, thank you so much.
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Thanks you for this fonts.

I will credit you in the comic <3
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My mail: Thanks!
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Hi! You can tell what is the font used in the logo DC Comics 2005? Pease!
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Thanks man! Hope it's free-to-use
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Cool font that will get some use!
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Superb font, thank you for your commitment to the art community
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Thanks for these amazing fonts....
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Thanks for this. Is it okay for commercial use?
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Thank you!~ Now, that one isn't needed. XD
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Great resource, thank you so much!
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Thank you :D I used Comic Sans MS for the 2 first pages of my comic and I was really desperate t o find some better looking comic style fonts :heart:
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