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PMDU-Helping hand (update)



Name- Rayman the Riolu

Age: 18

Gender- Male

Nature- Serious

Trait/Characteristic - likes to fight

Personality- not much of a talker, willing to help others, and blames himself for mistakes that happen.

History: Rayman use to be part of a team called team Quick action his partner what as Oshwatts called Alice they where great friends and went on many adventures. But this all changes during a High class mission, the mission was simple find a everstone but once they found it they where assaulted but feral Pokemon, As they fought Alice got stabbed by a slicer and thrown across the cave Raymen seen this and gone in to a fit of anger and fought the Pokemon to protect Alice. The Pokemon soon retreated and Raymen rushed over to her she died from the stab, to this day Rayman blames himself for the death of Alice and keep hie pink bow tie as a reminder. He even left his old guild to travel and be in isolation on his journey he rain in to a storm the heavy rain made the dirt slippery, he lost his footing and slide down the hill into the ragging river rapid's losing all his stuff in the river. As time progressed they meet a team with a strange Espurr with odd abilities, One day The Espurrs team mate ran to them for help as his partner was passed out in a field a darker side of his tried to control him Rayman being still willing to protect people went inside his partners head and fought the darkness inside him but in the cost of his arm becoming corrupted in darkness with a entity called Unborn his only defiance to suppress unborn is to wrap his arm in a special cloth -add more as my character progresses -

Name-  Charity the Chespin

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Nature- Jolly

Traits/Characteristic : Some what childish

Personality: willing to help, Like to have fun, meeting new people, and a uplifting attitude

History: Charity was born in Andalusst she grown there her enter life and help out anyone in the village, her uplifting attitude and kind heart making her a great friend but her father worried people could take advantage of that and warns her constantly about it.  Her father gave her inspiration to help people in need but he refrains her form taking missions till she makes a group,  then one day as she was picking oran berry's she heard a moan looking around she found Raymen on the river bank, She ran over to Rayman the rocks in the river damaged him all over she carried him and applied first aid right away learning from what the town healers showed her she was able to patch up Rayman pretty well. she waited for him to walk up when he did there kinda got on the wrong foot but they eventually got use to each other. Charity sees that Raymen has secrets he hides and hasn't told her yet and is willing to find out what they are. was with rayman when they fought the espurrs dark side as he was inside his head after a long and almost fatal battle they when to get medical attention with she notice her partners arm being fearful and wounded she worried badly even tough she never seen the unborn side yet she doesn't wish to and she fears the worst for her partner over the time together. - add more as they progress in the group-

Pmdu Helping Hand - orignial app by D-I-G-I-K-I-X

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