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Batman Oc # ??? : The Mastermind(D-Field22)



A man as mysterious as he is knowledgeable and deadly, the Mastermind first made his debut during a dinner party hosted by none other than the Roman himself, Carmine Falcone. At first, the gangsters were led to believe that they were being attacked by the Batman once again, but were left shocked when out from the shadows many other beings dawning similar masks akin to their leaders, and weapons of their own, such as ak-47s, shotguns, and even custom crossbows. Instead of gunning down the gangsters in cold blood, the leader of the small posse delivered to the mob a message, curtesy of their true leader, the Mastermind, who unfortunately could not attend the meeting, as he was a busy man, running his own operations. A message, or rather a change, to adapt with the new age of the super criminal, or to die in their old world as an old memory of what was. Of course, none were taking his offer lightly, despite the evidence the Mastermind delivered of how much Gotham City and even the rest of the world has changed. Not to mention that few of their own had become what the mob labeled as "freaks", such as Sal Maroni's daughter, Laura, or rather the Mannequin as she refers herself as these days. Once more, the offer was echoed across the manor to deaf ears. Only this time, all weapons were drawn on both sides. Yet despite the standstill, the uninvited guests were  commanded by Solomon 'The Grim Reaper' Reardon, the most feared gangster in all of Gotham who was freshly released from Blackgate, to leave the manor, or they would be taken down with any who died that night. This would not be the last time they Mob would encounter the Mastermind. Eventually, others under his employ would begin not only sabotaging the business of the crime families, but also enlist their underlings to work for him, while killing those who opposed him. Some instances, the men of the Mastermind would ally themselves with the costumed criminals, resulting in the death of three of the Gotham Underworld's largest gangsters. Gambol, who was murdered by the Joker with a pool cue, and Bartholomew 'The Bull Frog' Forgol was found murdered, all the clues led to Red Riding Hood being the culprit. There had even been crime sprees regarding escaped inmates who refer to their cult as the Children of Arkham had been causing riots across the city, and shooting Vinnie Ricorso through his jugular vein, killing him. All actions which of course brought about the attention of the Batman who began hunting down the Mastermind through Joker and Red Riding Hood. Many times Batman had come close to capturing the Mastermind, but through means of aid from the Children of Arkham, the hired aid of other costumed rogues such as Firefly, or even his own abilities which included in person encounters with the Dark Knight, the Mastermind would always make his escapes. One night, when the two were locked in combat, the Mastermind was then cornered by Batman as the Caped Crusader was moving in to unmask the menace. However, intervention from the newly revealed Arkham Knight himself, and the aid of Bane's very own daughter, Vengeance, prevented this event from occurring, the masked woman kept the Caped Crusader at bay, allowing the Mastermind a chance to escape once again, followed behind by Vengeance who had thrown Batman through a wall. Before leaving with his colleagues, the Mastermind shouted to Batman that he needed to be stronger than this, "for tonight, is only the calm before the storm!, The war for Gotham's soul, is about to commence!" What the Mastermind stated would be nothing but the truth, for soon, the Children of Arkham, led by Lady Arkham, The Mastermind, the Arkham Knight, Hugo Strange, and many more of Gotham's most dangerous criminals would declare war on the Bat-Family, the GCPD, and of course the Mob. A new age has risen, centuries of the Mob's control was coming to an end, and Gotham would never be the same, for in these bleak hours, the city had become a hideous warzone. 

Real name: Unknown
Occupation: Terrorist, Crime lord, General of Lady Arkham's army.
Base of Operation: Gotham City
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 160lbs

Leader of his own crime empire. 
Harbors not only a hatred for the Bat-family, but also the GCPD, and the Gotham gangsters.
Desires deeply to thrive in a new age of Gotham crime. 
A valuable advisor to the Children of Arkham. 
Unlimited resources from his own account, and the Children of Arkham. 
Has endless knowledge of the Gotham mob, their methods, their schedules, and much more. 
Equally knowledgeable of the Costumed Criminals as well as his foes. Such as Batman, and Gordon. 
Master tactician.
Master swordsman.
Highly intelligent. 
Advanced hand-to-hand combatant. 
Highly manipulative, and charismatic, in his own way. 
and more.

Dream voice actor: Benedict Cumberbatch. I really want to see Doctor Strange voice a DC character, so I figured I'd give Mastermind to him. But don't worry, Mastermind isn't the only DC character I had in mind for Benedict to voice, and no. It's not Dr. Fate. 

Featured song: Enemy by From Ashes to New.

1.  As some may have noticed, the number of this rogue doesn't really exist. You could say that this is my Arkham Knight. But I'm going to let you guys know this now, that this is an already established character in my mythos, but I won't say who it is. If any eagle eyed watchers have caught some details in the drawing, or the bio itself, then you may have an idea of who the Mastermind really is. This is just my way of having fun with you guys. 
2. The hardest part of the drawing had to be the hand resting on the hilt of the sword. I had to keep in mind the elbow, the wrist, etc. I'm not sure if I pulled it off, so in the future, I'll probably try again. 
3. The name of mastermind was borrowed by my good friend BatMuties. I plan to do her mastermind in the future, and I will be labeling him as such.
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For the song, Enemy by From Ashes to New