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September 18, 2006
I'm in love with this theme! Buuf - OS by ~d-ezra is simply perfect. Hook your desktop up now!
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
Suggested by ipholio
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Buuf - OS

By d-ezra
Buuf OS V.1
What I've been tinkering with in what little spare time law school leaves me...

There is a .zip file inside the .WBA file (which is just a re-named .zip file itself) that has user icons for the full startpanel mode.

Buuf for Iconpackager: [link]
© 2006 - 2021 d-ezra
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nice skin, thanks! 
how do you apply it! :cries:
tribalplague's avatar
I loaded the skin with WindowBlinds 7.3 for Windows 7 and it works great!
h34dc4s3's avatar
its a petty theres not a .them file for windows 7. if i knew how to do it id start, im great with adobe photoshop, just need to know where to start and which programs to start using
ohJuana01's avatar
can u please make a buuf theme for windows 7? pretty please>? =)
jaidaksghost's avatar
featured here [link] thank you for your work and for sharing it
- ~mattahan = :woohoo: -
Danish989's avatar
Can this be used with stylesxp as a visual style or something? I love the whole buuf suite, but I don't have windowblinds =(
iareruss's avatar
Any chance I could get you to make a darker version of this? Mostly black. It'd be more my style.
topopunx's avatar
thankkiu..=) i love alll fo those buuf things..xD
cutt3r's avatar
You should create themes for GTK 2.x, and compiz/beryl for linux. It's free, so it will reach a larger audience, and if you're giving your work away anyway, why not? (also you'll have a LOT more power to do what you want with skins, as you have complete control thanks to the whole 'open source' thing). Think about it...
kenibu's avatar
omg, when will this be ported?! It's perfectly fitting the buuf icons!
kwad's avatar
How do i get this windowblind to load and work? Please advise Thank you so much ahead of time.
your skin is just ... wow. i like it a lot. but if i fix the task bar, it seems that the taskbar get up a little bit (say about 2-3 mm) and i can see my wallpaper. it's little bit annying. any way to change it?
wonderful!thanks! you're the real genius!!!thank u very much ! thanks!wishing your other works
rowd149's avatar
Hey, is there any way to get this as a theme without using windows blinds?
d-ezra's avatar
Negatory ghost-rider, pattern is full.
d-ezra's avatar
rowd149's avatar
ugh i cant install it
help me please!
Bluetimester's avatar
link dont work please update!
d-ezra's avatar
worked for me.
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