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No Faith - traeth
they'll destroy themselves
the human race
blood will drip
across your face
oceans will drain
and mountains will fall
their souls won't last here
after all
darkness brings life
life brings pain
pain brings memories
of acid rain
blackened rain falls
across the roof
and as I die
to you here's proof
your faith has fallen
mine's already gone
and now that I fell
you\'re all alone.
:icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Going to Destroy Ourselves
There are powers that lay beneath one's mind
The powers that mark all our kind
The powers that occupy the world.
Drawn from the flames in the dark
We will dare to embark
On a journey.
The journey that will bring us to our knees
All our powers will become deadly keys
We'll destroy ourselves.
:icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Requiem of a Demon - traeth
Possession and corruption
Darkness lies beneath
All of my dark powers
To you I bequeath
Riding 'cross the dark night
Bound you to my soul
For me you will now fight
For our one dark goal
The world shall be at our command
Lives fall at our feet
I can crush them in my hand
They'll see only defeat
I am in your blood now
Black as ebony
And when I destroy you
Darkness will flow free
Infecting the whole world
I render all helpless
You will watch it unfold
As you fade away
Don't make deals with demons
Because then you will see
How they will all use you
King of you they'll be
:icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Mature content
Toxic Paradise Death by Rabbit :icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Devices of a Broken Body
Devices of a Broken Body

melancholy and black pain
devices of a broken body
to sunder life and lifeless form
displacing memory and snuffing out true insight
blind to the existence
of your own bland life
nothing but a hollow shell
eyes that do not perceive
a heart that does not receive
but the twisted threads of unnamed fate
keep us coming back
woe to those that die internal deaths
the stars that tremble
under a falling sky as the pieces
drip to a churning myriad of flaming waves
:icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Mature content
Starving the Behemoth - treath :icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Life - ryokokat
The moons silver rays
touch the cold earth bitterly
Walking alone through
the endless memories of the past
Tombstones etch the frost bit ground
And a bitter breeze flows sharply
through the dead trees
Sitting on the jagged edged
stones, teary eyed and exausted
Gently caressing my bloody wings
wondering why.
Why did they break so,
life is the culprit
For life only gives one chance
to mess up, then clips your wings forever
then to this bitter world your sent
to live the rest of your life
chained to the cold, hard ground
Never again allowed to fly in those crismon skies
To feel the chilled wind rustle in your hair,
for this is now a past memory
Aww... an eternity of this bitter tourture, this hell on earth...
that thing they call Life.
:icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Puppet - ryokokat

In a world wrapped in string, our lives will end.
Some with out warning, others set by design.
Under sinless eyes, our lives are carried by a single thread.
Choices will be made, and decisions seem final.
These strings are strung, pulled forcefully around.
Living life as a puppet.
Wrapped around every limb, determining your worthless fate.   
Musing the invisible strings, pulling life that's hold so dear.
Scissors snap, the string falls. Lives taken.
In a world wrapped in string, our lives will end.
Some with out warning, others set by him.
The one doesn't smile, who doesn't care.
For those lives lost, he wins his game.
Master of all, The Puppeteer.
:icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 0
Gone 2 by d-e-a-t-h Gone 2 :icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 3 d-e-a-t-h by d-e-a-t-h d-e-a-t-h :icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 5 Death Dev ID by d-e-a-t-h Death Dev ID :icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 7 club death id by d-e-a-t-h club death id :icond-e-a-t-h:d-e-a-t-h 0 4


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A club for Darker Souls
Current Residence: in our personal hell
Personal Quote: "Don't piss me off, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies"
About and Joining
This club is made for those different souls out there who dislike everything going on about them and have that urge to write and/or draw about their feelings. It can be as happy or morbid as you want, anything is accepted. You do not need anything in your gallery that pertains to the dark or happy side, just if you are interested in joining. Want to Join? please send a note to the club titled "Join" or send a note to: The new club owner

The club wants to see the talents of it's members, that's why the club is now offering the members a chance to submit their deviations onto the club. If you seek the password you must send a note to the club so that it can be sent. Please make sure that your deviations have a least something that pertains to the atmosphere of the club. so no writing about ponies and bunnies, even though they are cute it really has nothing to do with the club. All inapporpriate (non-death) deviations will be deleted.

:blackrose:Club News:blackrose:

:bulletblue:SURPRISE :mangapunksai: Nov.12, 2004
This is from the former club owner. I give permission for the mystery deviant to hereby take over the club. Do what you wish and keep the club going strong. I wish you all the best.

None. If you members want, comment on this entry asking me for a contest. If enough reply, I shall make one.

Oldest at top, Newest at bottom. Excessive Icons are as follows:

President: ???

:iconryokokat::icontraeth::iconkoukris::iconjackedapple::iconhybrid-acid::iconluna-lupus::icondeega::iconvulfgrl::iconjust-kill-me: :icondeceased::iconvampirechutney::iconcoolmoslice::iconscarredbeauty::iconhazelginger::iconjay-spectre::iconlostgears::iconmonotoneemtion::iconfearthevoices: :iconwwjd-dingo::iconmalk::iconalienwarex::icongreen-leaf::iconeclipsedmeh::iconsingsilence::iconanubis-x::iconsilence-is-sexy::iconfaerieoracle:


Featured Writings

:iconfearthevoices:"Dark Thoughts"

For every light, there is shadow.
We are the ones that walk the delicate path between
Light and Dark
Life and Death.
We are those that strive to be different, that are different
One may ask us, "Why do you walk this path of pain,
Of Sorrow? Why are you this way?"
And we cannot answer them in words,
For it is something that we struggle with every passing day
Here, we try and describe our feelings,
Through words,
Through art,
Through any medium we choose.
Are you one of us? Can you understand us?

Here among the deserted trees we ride,
From neither death nor cold do we hide,
For we are the ones chosen by fate,
Consumed by a hunger nothing can sate.

We are the ones called "special" and "different".
We are the loners and the Goths,
Anyone that can see the darker side,
And in our art, we confide.
We do not know why we are this way,
The origins of our emotions we cannot say.
It is one of the greater mysteries of life,
And with every breath we take, we roll the dice.

Ready to accept what may be around that corner,
Be it solitude, or death, or dark, or any of the former.
So we meet here now,
With kindred spirits we do vow,
To show the world our ways,
So that the entire earth may feel our sway.

Know us, but do not fear us.
We seek to do you no harm.
Only to tell the world how we feel.
Come with us, now, see what you will,
And let our plight be known
And witness the suffering that is our own.

:iconkoukris:"Dark Visual"</b>

Dark hands reach out; groping about in the dark
They need to latch upon something; the first thing they feel is me
And tumbling down into the dark abyss
I find myself in a realm of darkness-of nothingness
And I cry out to somebody, anybody
But will they listen as my ear-pierching shriek
Shatters the mirror between reality and insanity?


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