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Fall Plantfriends by LiticaHarmony

> Stamps <

Here are some of the things which I love <3

Gryffindor Stamp by smileystamps Star Tree by catstam Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 Sunset Stamp by Supernatantem
banana fruit stamp by GlacierVapour leaves .F2U stamp. by ChainOfRain golden clouds stamp v3 by monsterkitties sunflower stamp by taishokun
I love cinnamon stamp by magical-bra venus flytrap stamp by bulletblend I Love Forests Stamp by TheMoonRaven - Stamp: Cacti. - by ChicaTH
Stars Stamp by connorbara I LOVE BLUE ROSE by LuciyStarlight Mountain Stamp by SheviEdge Disney fan stamp by Bea-Gonzalez
Air Stamp by AngstyChaosMagicUser Blue Crystal by italy4eva cloud stamp 2 by aestheticstamps I love Arctic Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist
Bookworm by smol-kittten Peaches Stamp by connorbara paw stamp by aestheticstamps i collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAI
# stamp - love fruits by gigifeh cloud stamp by aestheticstamps # stamp - cherry blossom by gigifeh Crystal stamp 6 by mzza-art
Otaku by Superfreak330 linkin park stamp by green-tk Science by stampystampy Forest stamp 03 by SheviEdge


Melting Candles Divider by LadyGlitch

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Check out theirs account!
They're making really cute and cheap pone adoptables/customs
They'll be very grateful for your help ;v;

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Gallery of Goodwill project
If you know someone in need who could use a little cheer,
you can put a request to get them a little surprise commission
from one of the artists who have volunteered their time and talent

Pink Crystal Cluster Bullet by Sukiie :iconmlpgalleryofgoodwill: Pink Crystal Cluster Bullet by Sukiie

You can also donate us!
Points and money collected by the donations for GoG are destinated for all artists participating in the project
They want to help people, but every art cost them time and effort
Every help counts and they would be really grateful for your help
tiny pink heart by DiegoVainilla
(If you want to donate us, you should leave a note "For the Gallery of Goodwill")


D-Dyee has started a donation pool!
6,225 / 10,000

Please, don't pay here for anything! I always make commission widgets for all payments <3

Account for payments >> veka-tiru

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:pencil: TO DRAW

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: bottle necklace for KlarodeAquamarin ( all metals are bronze) WAITING FOR MATERIALS

:bulletred: fluorite&rainbow crystal necklaces for KattiRowski (small rainbow - black strap, fluorite - black) 1300 pt

Comms for h-annibalus
:bulletblack::bulletgreen: marker shaded fullbody (
:bulletorange: AT fullbody + partial bg (…
bg ideas…)

:bulletyellow: dig headshot for FoxAndKuma (… from front, necklace visible) half adopt / $25
:bulletblack::bulletorange: sketch headshot (… hair/right,…) unpaid adopt / $90

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: bottle for Dark-Walkerr (hourglass bottle + violet sand + pendant)

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: bottles for SlushyMy ( filling are mixed if 2+ in one bottle) 8/11 done WAITING FOR THE MATERIALS
:bulletorange::bulletblack: sketchy headshot (

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: bottle for Little-Macrophage ( / / proszki na przemian/paseczki)

comms for Seolux
:bulletyellow: (under-knee socks, black + green paws
:bulletgreen: (black fingerless short gloves + green paws) WAITING FOR MATERIALS
:bulletyellow: (black choker/silver metals)
:bulletyellow: (bottles :

:bulletgreen: sleeves for CastASpellLiana (black long sleeves + normal blue paws) WAITING FOR MATERIALS

:bulletyellow: socks for Ravenia-Morelli (under-knee black + white paws)
:bulletyellow: sleeves (short, black + white paws)
:bulletblack::bulletgreen: choker (1st, with moon…) WAITING FOR MATERIALS

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: choker for M0chiZu (with moon…) WAITING FOR MATERIALS

choker for Saretha (with moon…) WAITING FOR MATERIALS

comms for LittleAmberd
:bulletyellow: anchor choker (
:bulletgreen: aura pendant (blue-pink aura + black strap) WAITING FOR MATERIALS

comms for Veronika3856
:bulletred: wolf tail (grey $12 (41,66zł paid)
:bulletred: +9$ or more for ears
:bulletgreen: yellow aura (black strap)
+ shipping ($6 paid)

:bulletred: tail for JessiePrescot (40cm, warm, light grey

:bulletgreen: fullbody shaded marker for milkybo ( cute)

badge for Inlaru ( Inlaru) 66zł

:bulletorange: AT with TheTrottingWolf (laminated marker badge… Cody)


:bulletblack::bulletgreen: h-annibalus (A6…)

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: ArcticWhistle (B3…)

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: EpochAii (A7…)

:bulletgreen: InspiredPixels (2D left / 7D right…)

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: studio-chann (C3, A7, C1…)

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Pastel-Kitteh (B3…)

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Zaivinx (B6

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Pink-Pone (A2, B3,

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: studio-kun (C3, D7, clothes

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Prince-Lionel (B1

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Ak4neh (E3…)

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: partybug98 (D3

NOTE : Don't worry if you can't find your comm here, it means it's finished, but I'll upload it later
You can always ask me to show it before uploading <3


:email: TO SHIP
:bulletyellow: interstellarbluebird, shcizu prio, EmbersLament, BabcinyPasztet, Cpninjagrrl, digitalistea, NastyaLapka, c-h-y-a04, Okimichan, KawaiiMewoSenpai, oCrystal, AZIx33, SharkBooty, PaintedElli, UmbreonNightMare42, D0C-C0C, Flower-Quil, Berrylilly, @Salt-o-Pepper
:bulletyellow: badge for RyeIIeti, pastel-pony-princess, peeldoodles, JJanners, SpectrumNightYT, Ruefers
:bulletyellow: badge + arts + violet bottle + rose choker for studio-kun
:bulletyellow: badge + small opalite pendant for OctaveToThink
:bulletyellow: choker for SugarDaddyy + orange corn bottle for PeachRam ECO
:bulletyellow: lavender bottle for Fi-Senpai
:bulletyellow: blue-pink crystals star bottle + blue glowing bottle + pink glowing bottle for Jizue
:bulletyellow: 3x mint cat eyes for wolfymaples
:bulletyellow: 2x strap bracelet for Spacei-Adopts
:bulletyellow: white star bottle for BunniChin
:bulletyellow: violet glass bottle for MoonlightRhythm
:bulletyellow: white tail for FluffyGoatDaddy
:bulletyellow: white tail for JessiePrescot
:bulletyellow: clothes for furfru ECO
:bulletyellow: liquid blue bottle for Nikita-Nichita
:bulletyellow: liquid violet bottle for @ Moon--Freak
:bulletyellow: opalite necklace for crash5454
:bulletyellow: double badge for InspiredPixels
:bulletyellow: blue glowing bottle for RosePuffs
:bulletyellow: bracelet for Berrylilly
:bulletyellow: 2x bottles for SPICY-SATAN
:bulletyellow: blue glowing bottle hardcoreparkourbro
:bulletyellow: blue glowing bottle Himecharlotte
:bulletyellow: peach bottle for MoonlightRhythm
:bulletyellow: socks for CookieHolderOwO
:bulletyellow: socks for hunnnyclouds
:bulletyellow: socks for GoulMeadow
:bulletyellow: comms for Jizue
:bulletyellow: comm for W.E.F. fb
:bulletyellow: comm K.N.F. fb
:bulletyellow: aura for Victoria-Luna
:bulletyellow: socks&choker for MsDraken PRIO
:bulletyellow: badge for studio-kun
:bulletyellow: laminated bob for kiikrindar

:bulletgreen: bottle necklace+art+stones for KlarodeAquamarin
:bulletred: fluorite&rainbow crystal necklaces for KattiRowski
:bulletgreen: black choker + arts + badge for h-annibalus PRIO
:bulletgreen: 2x chibi key-chains for SharkBooty
:bulletgreen: violet glowing bottle for Dark-Walkerr
:bulletgreen: comms for SlushyMy
:bulletgreen: arts&bottle for FoxAndKuma
:bulletgreen: badge +2 glowing bottles for hvngr PRIO
:bulletgreen: bottle for Little-Macrophage ECO
:bulletgreen: sleeves for CastASpellLiana
:bulletgreen: socks + choker for Ravenia-Morelli
:bulletgreen: comms for LittleAmberd
:bulletgreen: comms for Seolux
:bulletgreen: choker for M0chiZu
:bulletgreen: choker for Saretha PRIO
:bulletgreen: art for milkybo PRIO
badge for Inlaru ECO
:bulletorange: AT with TheTrottingWolf

NOTE : If you can, note me when you'll receive the package with your arts, I want to be sure that everything is ok ;v;
+ You can always ask me for the tracking number for your order!


:magnify: WAITING FOR

:bulletorange: Trade part from xSidera, adostume
Shippings : iCHRiLLU, collab/CanadianPancake1


--> Key
:bulletgreen: Commission / YCH / custom / shipping, paid
:bulletred: Not paid
:bulletblack: Half finished / Ready to ship
:bulletyellow: Finished / Shipped
:bulletorange: AT, collab, CP, AP etc.

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I'm almost done with commissions for headshots! Tel me if everything is ok <3
h-annibalus, ArcticWhistle, EpochAii, InspiredPixelsPastel-Kitteh, Zaivinx, Pink-Pone, studio-kun, Prince-Lionel, Ak4neh, partybug98
P by D-Dyee < click for better view (no real size, only screenshot)
Hoooi! I'll take some comms for flat digi headshots with expressions from this chart :
aw hell, whatve i got to lose.. except my dignity- by flipping-glamburgers (by flipping-glamburgers)
Arts will look like : FANART : Midnight, Mt Lady, Aizawa by D-Dyee
$6 / 600pts for one
- - -
Fill this :
- character (link) :
- payment (paypal/points) :
- expression (letter+number) :
Hoi! I ordered some new white fur, this fabric is a bit different
Take a look! I can do tails, like before
(new fur) -- by D-Dyee > - by D-Dyee
> It'll be stuffed with soft cotton wool, with attached rubber bands (so that it can be attached to the belt or tied with a ribbon to your torso)
> This time, I want to try dyeing the fur and here's question - what colour would you order? I can also make striped tails or with tips in different colour
I'm going tu buy grey dye and can order one additional colour c:
White tail 40cm = $10/1000pts + shipping costs
Coloured fur will be more expensive
Shooting stars yeee! 12-13 VIII - maximum of Perseids activity, north-east sky ☄ I caught 15 today, and you? ;v;

> Witam! / Hello! <

D-Dye | 16.02. | ♒ | Pixel Flag - Heterosexual by SweetlyCanada | taken
deviant since 23.09.12.

Flag of Poland by EmilyStor3 Native | Flag of United Kingdom by EmilyStor3 Intermediate | Flag of Russia by EmilyStor3\ Flag of Germany by EmilyStor3 Beginner | Flag of Japan by EmilyStor3 Random words


Flag of Poland by EmilyStor3 Witam ślicznie na moim profilu! <3
Mam na imię Martyna, ale możecie nazywać mnie D-Dye
Pochodzę z Polski, kocham rysowanie, czytanie, fotografię, kulturę japońską, rękodzieło i muzykę
(+ kolekcjonuję kaktusy/sukulenty i kamienie szlachetne!)
Poza tym, interesuję się astronomią i uwielbiam oglądać filmy sci-fi/anime
Mam nadzieję, że każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie na mojej stronce i polubicie moje prace =w=
Jeśli macie jakiekolwiek pytania, piszcie! Zawsze odpowiadam (czasem z opóźnieniem ;v;")

Na dA posługuję sie głównie angielskim, ale jeśli cokolwiek jest dla Ciebie niezrozumiałe, pisz śmiało!


Flag of United Kingdom by EmilyStor3 Welcome to my profile! ^u^
My name is Martina, but you can call me D-Dye
I'm a Polish girl, really like drawing, photography, Japanese culture, music, reading and handicrafts
(I also love cactis and minerals!)
I'm interested in astronomy and I like sci-fi movies/anime
I hope everyone will find something interesting on my profile and you will like my arts :heart:
If you have any questions, go ahead! I always respond (sometimes with a little delay ;v;")

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Pastel Purple Heart Bullet by Planet-Spatulon Ponysona : D-Dye
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Pastel Orange Heart Bullet by Planet-Spatulon Meet the artist! (persona)

> Links, price-lists & information <



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Bullet - Youtube - by CutieChoco YouTube - D-Dyee
(You can find speed-paints here)

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Click link to check the prices and information!
I mostly open commissions for a short time, so stay tuned c:
:bulletred: closed / :bulletgreen: open / :bulletyellow: see for more info

:bulletred: Regular commissions
:bulletred: Pixel-art commissions
:bulletred: Pixel icons
:bulletred: Digital (+keychains) chibi commissions
:bulletred: Custom characters commissions
:bulletred: Reference sheets commissions
:bulletgreen: Traditional arts shipping & laminating
:bulletred: Badges
:bulletgreen: Handmade jewelry
:bulletyellow: Art trades
:bulletyellow: Art collabs
:bulletred: Requests

What furry tail would you like to buy? 

75 deviants said Brown/beige
73 deviants said Any shade of grey
63 deviants said White
29 deviants said Other colours? (comment please!)


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D-Dyee Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018  Student General Artist
D-Dyee Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018  Student General Artist
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