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Hazy Spirit by d-conanmx Hazy Spirit by d-conanmx
Art by :iconshirotsuki:

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WielderOfTheAnkh Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018
Flavorful mechanic! Mist is often associated with exiling and coming back.
The card is pretty strong. Maybe add the illusion effect (When this creature becomes the target of a spell, sacrifice it.) for the flavor match with the illusion subtype and to balance it a bit? But maybe it is part of the flavor of mistform that it is not illusory enough to have that effect (i.e., it does have a somewhat physical form).
Mistform is like the illusion effect but for combat instead of spells. That is neat.

I also get a vibe from the ETB ability that it is about players thinking they see something (i.e., draw a card), and then think: hmm... it was probably nothing (discard a card), like you would react when you see an illusion in the mist! And that triggers madness and delirium (am I going mad for thinking I saw something in that mist?), and your ability also helps with that mechanically! That match between flavor and mechanic is very cool. Maybe you could emphasize that the reaction is instinctive like that by saying 'draw a card' (there is no choice; it happens instinctively) instead of 'you may draw a card' (there is a choice in between). See Jace, Cunning Castaway for a blue effect like that.
Maybe you could balance the card by saying the the draw/discard ability only triggers if you DON'T have four or more card types in your graveyard (i.e., delirium)? It would fit the flavor; if you are already delirious, you wouldn't have a reaction to seeing things.

Spirits often have flying. But it is good that you didn't give it flying. Now, the opponent more often has an interesting gameplay choice: do I block and trigger the draw/discard ability or take 1 damage? Again, maybe its part of the flavor of mistform that it doesn't have flying, because mist is usually at the ground level, or mist usually disappears when there is wind rather than fly/float away.

It's also nice how this card is good early game, late game, for attacking, and for defending.

Grammar notes:
put a comma after blocked
you can say 'exile it' instead of 'exile from the game'.
you can drop the 'Then' (see Aetherling)
beginning of THE next end step.
enterS the battlefield
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April 3, 2018
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