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New Loonatic 1: Sunny Bunny


Name: Sunny Bunny

Anthro: Rabbit

Ancestor(s): Honey Bunny (and quite possibly Bugs Bunny)

Age: 17

Fur Color: Gray (body), Light Brown (hair)

Uniform Color: Mango Yellow

Powers: Can emit solar energy beams from her hands, super athletic abilities, and amazing martial arts skills.

Personality: Kind, caring, loves to hang out with her friends, understanding, loves to spend time with her little brother, marvelous at singing, very smart, sweet, always keeps a positive attitude (at least, most of the time), very athletic, always there for those she cares about, and the best friend anyone could ever have. She'd never want anyone to mess with her loved ones, especially her brother.

Known Relatives: Braxton Bunny (brother), Ace Bunny (cousin)

Love Interest: Rev Runner

Looks: Athletic body type, brown eyes (wears contact lenses that make them look blue), naturally slim and slender, and wears fine clothing.

Loonatics Unleashed is copyright of Warner Bros.
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I can be nice or I can be deadly so don't you dare strike me again
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How did I strike you?  I'm just stating the fact that my characters are off limits to anyone I don't trust them with.  I've asked you once to stop commenting me, and you commented anyway.  Now you leave me no other choice.  I have to block you immediately.
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It's gonna plan til 2020, 2021, or 2022
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But keep your fingers crossed there's going to be a live action adaptation or remake of Loonatics Unleashed called Cyber Assassin Loonatics Unleashed but the team is 1st tribe and 2nd tribe as leaders Ace Bunny and his spouse Sunny Bunny with their comrades as 12 in a row as a team, It's gonna come to Canada, North America, U.S.A and Japan but in the future, just like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in Japan
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Uh, News Flash: Sunny Bunny is Ace's cousin.  I made her up, so I should know.

And stop making up this talk about a live action Loonatics remake, I know for a fact that's not likely to happen.  You're just trying to get people's attention by making up wild stories such as this.  Comment me again, and you will be blocked.  End of story!
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She will be the leader and her comrades (Fowler Leghorn, Pierce Le Pew, Clarissa Duck, Brenda Harrison and Lenny Harrison her brother) the 2nd tribe of the loonatics that will join the team in Cyber Assassin Loonatics Unleashed the live action remake, that will debut in Canada, U.S.A., North America and Japan
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No, they're just OC's I've drawn.  Plus, two of them aren't going to make it into the final production of my animated fan film/fanfic comic series, and a few others are going to be remade into different characters altogether.

Where did you hear about this live action remake, anyway?
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Will she appear in the live action adaptation of Loonatics Unleashed called: Cyber Assassin Loonatics Unleashed that will come to Canada, U.S.A., North America and Japan
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No, these are just OC's I've drawn.  I'm hoping to work them into a fan-made animated movie or fanfic comic series, but I don't own the rights to Loonatics Unleashed, Warner Bros. does.
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Sunny Bunny... I love her... :)
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Thank you very much.
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I knew dat Harvey Birdman got scoore
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Lol, glad you like it.
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Sweet kid, just like Honey Bunny... :)
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Yeah, she is, isn't she?
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Thanks. Sorry I took so long to reply.
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its ok :) and your welocme
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So how is her relationship to Lexi like? Are they friends or foes?
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Well, they haven't met before she became a Loonatic, but I suppose Sunny could consider Lexi a sister from another mister. Cool, huh?
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Aw that's cute! "Sunny Bunny." Adorable.
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
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